New YouTube Series ‘Wonderhole’ Announced by Rhett & Link, Fans React with Excitement

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, the YouTube duo, have announced the release of their new scripted comedy series, ‘Wonderhole’, which will be available on YouTube.

Rhett and Link have been creating content on YouTube for almost two decades and have gained a large following on their main Rhett and Link channel, as well as other Mythical shows such as Good Mythical Morning and their spin-off series.

On June 28, 2024, the pair announced their newest project – a weekly scripted comedy series that will be uploaded to the original Rhett and Link YouTube channel.

The YouTubers shared a first look at the upcoming series, Wonderhole, by posting its trailer on Twitter/X, much to the excitement of fans.

The series will premiere in August, featuring scenes of the two jumping out of planes, cutting down trees, and engaging in various other activities. However, an exact date has not yet been revealed by the creators.

The unveiling of Wonderhole generated a lot of excitement for the upcoming series, resulting in an outpouring of support from fans in the comments section.

“A user exclaimed, “This looks ridiculously cool!”

“Another person commented that these two best friends were living the dream by having fun and getting paid for it, despite being fully grown adults.”

One person expressed, “This appears delightfully strange and I am extremely excited for it!”

The YouTube pair announced in February 2024 that they were no longer attempting to secure a network’s interest in a series they had created. Instead, they took matters into their own hands.

“Link stated in that video that we are funding the project ourselves and maintaining complete independence from outside influences such as network notes or external input.”

Our sole target audience for creating this show is you.

This marks the most recent significant launch from the renowned Mythical brand. In November 2023, Rhett and Link introduced Mish Mash cereal, joining the ranks of other popular products such as MrBeast’s Feastables and Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration and Energy drinks.

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