YouTube Demonetizes Dr Disrespect After Confirming Reason for Twitch Ban

After admitting to sending inappropriate messages to a minor, YouTube has officially demonetized Dr Disrespect on their platform.

Upon revealing on June 25, 2024, streamer Dr Disrespect admitted to sending inappropriate messages to a minor on the site, which was the reason for his permanent ban from Twitch in 2020.

Following the news, YouTube has faced increasing pressure to demonetize and ban Doc from their platform. Additionally, subscribers to his channel have had their memberships temporarily suspended in the days following.

YouTube has officially announced that Dr Disrespect, also known as Guy Beahm, has been completely demonetized due to the accusations made against him. This confirmation was given in a statement to PCGamer.

According to the YouTube representative, monetization has been halted on Dr Disrespect’s channel due to a violation of their Creator Responsibility policy. The guidelines of the site, which also apply to behavior both on and off the Google-owned platform, were cited as the reason for the suspension.

The guidelines state that as a YouTube creator, one must maintain responsibility on and off the platform. In the event that a creator’s behavior, whether on or off the platform, negatively affects our users, community, employees, or ecosystem, we reserve the right to take action in order to protect the community.

Dr Disrespect live streaming on YouTube.
Dr Disrespect

Since admitting to messaging a minor, Dr Disrespect has faced a backlash from numerous brands, streamers, and former fans who have chosen to distance themselves from the content creator.

Beahm’s game studio, Midnight Society, which he co-founded with two others, severed their relationship with him on June 24. The studio’s leader, Robert Bowling, expressed his thoughts the following day.

“He stated that if you send inappropriate messages to a minor, he will not be able to work with you under any circumstances.”

The San Francisco 49ers announced that they will no longer collaborate with Doc, and Turtle Beach has removed all references to the streamer’s limited-edition products from their website.

Several prominent streamers, including NICKMERCS and TimThetatman, have voiced their disapproval of Doc’s actions and have announced that they will no longer support him.

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