Jennie, you are Queen: International Fans Show Enthusiasm Despite Indoor Smoking Controversy

A commotion was caused when viewers noticed Jennie apparently smoking an e-cigarette indoors while having her hair and makeup done in a vlog that was uploaded recently.

Despite the presence of staff members right in front of her, Jennie was seen exhaling smoke, igniting a discussion about her character. Critics noted that her indoor smoking in a crowded space caused discomfort for those around her.

As criticism continued to mount, Jennie’s personal label OA Entertainment (ODDATELIER) released an apology on July 9th, expressing regret for any discomfort caused by Jennie’s actions in the content released on July 2nd.

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According to them, Jennie has personally acknowledged the inconvenience caused to the staff by smoking indoors and has reached out to them to apologize for her actions.

On July 10th, the BBC reported on the incident, stating that South Korean celebrities are accustomed to being closely scrutinized. In the country, they are held to strict moral and behavioral expectations, and any mistakes they make are quickly noticed.

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The article focused on the responses of Korean netizens, who commented on the situation saying, “Smoking is not the issue. Blowing smoke in the face of staff indoors is simply disrespectful.”One top comment on a media outlet’s YouTube channel stated, “Even smokers understand that you should not blow smoke in your friends’ faces. You only do it when you have no regard for those around you.”

Despite criticism from domestic fans, the BBC reported that international fans showed more understanding towards Jennie, expressing sentiments such as, “Don’t pay attention to anyone else. You are a queen and we will always stand by you”and “I continue to adore you. We learn from our errors.”

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According to the BBC, Jennie is not the only South Korean celebrity to receive backlash for smoking. In the past, Doh Kyung-soo, a member of the K-pop group EXO, and Haechan, from the group NCT, also faced criticism after being caught smoking indoors. Both idols were fined and publicly apologized for their actions.

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