Monthly Food Costs Alone is 30 Million Won? Triple S’ Astonishing Budget

In the upcoming 307th episode of the MBC entertainment show “Point of Omniscient Interfere” , the guest lineup will include the 24-member girl group tripleS.

The upcoming episode of tripleS will showcase their living situation as a large-scale group, with reports stating that it costs over 10 billion won (7.2 million USD). As the 24 members of tripleS make their way to their dormitory, they are seen splitting up to take the elevator, creating a comical headcount similar to a school assembly. This is sure to provide viewers with some humorous moments.

The interior of the tripleS dormitory will also be unveiled, demonstrating the process of multiplying everyday items and groceries by 24. To manage the large quantity, the members have taken to labeling their possessions as a habit. Moreover, they have cultivated a tradition of purchasing and sharing quality items among themselves, piquing interest in their unpredictable and authentic daily routine.


The spotlight is also on the eldest sister, Kim Yoo-yeon, who was born in 2001. Referred to as the “Ewha Goddess,”Kim Yoo-yeon takes on the role of tutoring the student members of the group.

The manager shocks the show’s panel members by disclosing the exorbitant food expenses of tripleS. Specifically, the group’s monthly food cost alone amounts to almost 30 million won (approximately 22,000 USD). Furthermore, the members use a group chat to decide on their food orders and freely make reservations for their laundry to prevent any conflicts, showcasing the distinctive living arrangements of this sizable group.

At 11 PM (KST) on the 13th, one can witness the lively atmosphere of tripleS’s group living, reminiscent of a chaotic high school class.

The original source of this information is from a news article on TenAsia’s website.

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