“Subscribe to Show Support” Tzuyang’s Confession of Past Affairs Gains 100,000 Subscribers

This evidence of support is highlighted by the fact that her subscriber count increased by more than 100,000 in just 13 hours following the release of her clarification video.

At 4 PM on July 11th, Tzuyang’s YouTube channel “tzuyang”had 10.2 million subscribers, an increase from 10.1 million earlier. This rise occurred approximately 13 hours after Tzuyang addressed the ongoing controversies in a live broadcast titled “I Will Tell You Everything”. During the broadcast, she addressed allegations that a group of YouTubers, known as the “Wrecker Union”, had extorted tens of millions of won from her by threatening to reveal her past.


Before beginning her career as an internet broadcaster, Tzuyang took a leave of absence from school and encountered her ex-boyfriend A. Their relationship turned violent and when she attempted to end things, he threatened her with revenge porn. As a result, Tzuyang was coerced into working at A’s workplace, serving drinks. A took all the money she earned from this job.

Moreover, Tzuyang revealed that she initially began her mukbang channel due to pressure from A to earn income. However, as her fanbase expanded, A took advantage of the situation by setting up a management company with himself as the leader and manipulating her into signing an unjust contract that gave him a 70:30 share of profits, including the entirety of YouTube ad revenue.


Tzuyang, aided by her employees, initiated a lawsuit. According to her legal representative, A’s death was ruled a suicide during the criminal investigation and Tzuyang suffered a loss of at least 4 billion won in unpaid payments. While she did receive some of the payments through legal proceedings, she has expressed no desire to further discuss the matter in detail.

The YouTubers, who are collectively known as the “Wrecker Union,”have refuted the accusations. Caracula, one of the members, vehemently denied the claims, stating, “I swear on my two sons that I have never received any illegal payments from anyone.”Goo Je-yeok, another member, also denied any involvement in immoral activities, saying, “I did not receive any disgraceful money or engage in any disgraceful behavior.”

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