Jessi Almost Had a Stage Malfunction Touching Her Chest and Lower Body

On July 7th, Jessi shared pictures and videos on her personal social media account, showcasing her performance at “Waterbomb 2024” .

Jessi shocked the audience with her daring performance, wearing a string bikini that exposed her chest along with jeans. Her bold gestures, like touching her chest and twerking, displayed her confident and strong personality. She also incorporated provocative movements, including discreetly touching her lower body, to showcase her “strong sister”side.

Fans from both domestic and international backgrounds were ecstatic, flooding the comment section with fire emojis.

In addition, Jessi’s successful singles such as “NUNU NANA”, “What Type of X”, and “ZOOM”have been released. She has also made guest appearances on popular variety shows including “Sixth Sense”and “The Masked Talent”.

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