Lisa’s Controversial Comeback: Stirred by Overzealous Fans

Fan Fakes Email Infuriates Travis Scott’s Team Amid Plagiarism Allegations

On July 4, the plagiarism accusations against Lisa’s music video reached a climax when Gabriel Moses, a well-known American photographer and camera operator, openly criticized the female idol and her team. Moses is recognized for his work with high-profile rap artists such as Pharrell, A$AP Rocky, Skepta, and most recently Travis Scott, as he was the director of Scott’s music video “FE!N,”which is at the center of Lisa’s plagiarism controversy.

Accused of plagiarizing Travis Scott’s MV “FE!N”

The scene in Lisa’s “ROCKSTAR”MV, with 100 dancers dressed in white, was specifically singled out as a clear imitation. The concept, camera angles, and transitions used in “FE!N”were all deemed to have been copied. In his Instagram stories, Gabriel Moses openly shared screenshots of an email that accused Lisa’s team of plagiarism, written in a harsh and critical manner. The email also brought attention to the appropriation of Black culture in the final product.

lisa travis scott
Lisa being directly criticized by Travis Scott’s cameraman for plagiarism

Despite the original creator’s accusations, Lisa received harsh criticism across various platforms. Her latest release, “ROCKSTAR,”was met with a barrage of negative comments, including critiques of the music quality and accusations of cultural appropriation and plagiarism. This backlash proved to be the final blow, hindering the Thai idol’s American debut. As a result, Lisa’s fans attempted to defend her, but their actions ended up causing more harm.

lisa travis scott
A fan account of Lisa forged an email from RCA Records to attack Gabriel Moses, the post has been deleted

On July 5, an individual running a Lisa fan account fabricated an email from RCA Records, the record label responsible for managing Lisa’s releases, in response to the plagiarism allegations. According to this person, they had obtained proof of an email from RCA Records employees dismissing the plagiarism claims made by Gabriel Moses.

Gabriel Moses
Gabriel Moses exposing the fabrications of Lisa’s fanbase
Gabriel Moses
Gabriel also mentioned that Lisa’s team previously reached out to his editor for collaboration, but the editor declined, yet the scenes were still copied

Despite being attacked by Lisa’s fans, Gabriel Moses stood his ground and demanded verification of the emails regarding the accusations, particularly the response from RCA Records. However, it was revealed that neither Lisa’s team nor the record label had made any statements about the issue. The story had been fabricated by Lisa’s fans and Gabriel Moses strongly refuted their claims.

The male photographer provided evidence of an email from Lisa’s fan base containing violent threats, but there was no email from RCA Records included. He also stated that Lisa’s team had reached out to his editor for a potential collaboration, but the editor declined. Despite this, the scenes were still replicated without permission.

Lisa’s fans continued to “add fuel to the fire,”resulting in the escalation of the controversy.

Gabriel Moses was infuriated by the thoughtless actions of Lisa’s fans. Their actions only added to the controversy and caused it to escalate. Not only did they engage in “cyber violence”against those involved, but forging emails from the record label was also a highly condemnable act.

Overprotecting the Idol Damages BLACKPINK’s Reputation

Prior to the controversy involving Travis Scott’s team, Lisa’s supporters attempted to defend their idol by offering biased explanations of the lyrics in “ROCKSTAR”. In particular, the radical Lilies purposefully belittled BLACKPINK and targeted Jennie, resulting in a significant negative impact on the group’s worldwide image.

The criticism surrounding Lisa’s songwriting skills arose from the ongoing debate over the shallow lyrics. Experts pointed out that the repetitive use of meaningless phrases, such as “flexing”herself, resulted in “ROCKSTAR”lacking substantial content.

Lisa criticized by experts for her songwriting skills

Despite the Lilies’ refusal to accept it, they still attempted to decipher the lyrics of “ROCKSTAR.”One post, in particular, written by a Lilies member analyzing Lisa’s implied meanings gained significant attention, garnering over half a million views. The author argued that Lisa’s intentions with “ROCKSTAR”were not shallow and required listeners to be perceptive in order to fully understand the message. Despite this, the post was met with one-sided explanations from Lisa’s fans, who claimed that she was dissatisfied with YG, attempting to assert her individual fame over the group, and even “dissing”Jennie.

lisa rockstar
Lisa’s fan community deliberately “twisted” the lyrics of “ROCKSTAR” to degrade BLACKPINK, causing more discord

The post by Lilies, which was deemed as “exclusive,”triggered a wave of negative responses on social media. This led to further misrepresentation of BLACKPINK’s sisterhood. Anti-fans took advantage of the situation to spread false narratives of conflict within the popular girl group, falsely portraying Lisa as being unkind to her fellow members. The constant circulation of unconfirmed explanations from fans only added fuel to the fire, particularly when a small group of extreme Lisa fans deliberately attacked and caused harm to the other members. These actions not only failed to resolve the issue but also caused Lisa to suffer unnecessary consequences.

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