Justice Prevails: Idol Wins Legal Battle Against School Bullying Allegations

After a long-awaited decision, BLACK6IX’s Kim Hyunjae has successfully won a legal fight against false allegations of bullying in school.

The dispute emerged last year when Hyunjae was compelled to withdraw from the reboot survival show, Peak Time, following accusations that he strongly refuted.

Kim Hyunjae
Kim Hyunjae(Photo : Instagram)

The former schoolmate’s initial accusations caused a tumultuous period for the K-pop idol.

As a response, Hyunjae made the decision to temporarily leave the show in order to protect his team from any potential negative consequences.

At the same time, he initiated legal proceedings by filing a lawsuit to claim ₩500 million KRW (equivalent to $377,000 USD) in compensation for the damages caused by the unfounded accusations.

According to a statement released by Hyunjae’s lawyer, the allegations were deemed unfounded and defamatory.

– Kim Hyunjae’s legal representative

The legal dispute lasted for a period of one year, during which various pieces of evidence, such as statements from students and teachers at the school, police reports, and confirmations from the Sinan Office of Education, were provided to support Hyunjae’s claim of innocence.

On July 10, 2024, Kim Hyunjae took to Instagram to share a major update with his fans. He posted a screenshot of the court ruling that declared him innocent and granted him damages.

The report, named “Kim Hyunjae victorious in lawsuit against untrue accusations. The Seoul Central Court orders his schoolmate to compensate him for damages,”symbolized an essential moment of validation for the celebrity.

Kim Hyunjae
Kim Hyunjae(Photo : Instagram)

The significance of dealing with false allegations and safeguarding individuals from the harmful consequences of baseless accusations in the era of social media scrutiny is highlighted by Hyunjae’s case.

The ruling not only exonerates him but also highlights the legal options accessible to people who have been wrongly accused on the internet.

As Hyunjae rejoices in this legal triumph, social media has been inundated with messages of support and relief from fans and supporters, who are expressing their joy at witnessing justice being served.

Kim Hyunjae
Kim Hyunjae(Photo : Instagram)

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