TWICE Nayeon Reflects on Her Hilarious Gum-Chewing Meme That Stole the Internet: ‘I Had Pigtails and…’

Amidst the constantly changing landscape of K-pop and social media, TWICE Nayeon has cemented her position as the ultimate ruler of memes.

Famous for her lively spirit and eccentric behavior, Nayeon’s funny moments have gained widespread popularity, enthusiastically shared by fans all over the world.

Nayeon (Photo : Instagram)

Nayeon’s “ice cube incident”is widely considered to be one of her most iconic and meme-worthy moments. This occurred during a fan event, when she playfully interacted with an ice cube, resulting in a plethora of memes and gifs spreading across various platforms such as Twitter.

Nayeon’s playful personality has been immortalized by her devoted fans, known as ONCE, who have embraced these moments and turned them into lasting symbols.

One more jewel in Nayeon’s collection of memes is a video showcasing her and fellow TWICE member Momo together.

Fans can’t seem to get enough of the dynamic between Nayeon’s lively demeanor and Momo’s serene silence in this particular video, as their contrasting personalities create a hilarious contrast.

Nayeon recently revisited an older meme of herself walking and chewing gum, where she can be seen sporting a tired expression and her signature pigtails.

Nayeon herself recognizes that the video’s ridiculousness is what caused it to gain popularity among netizens, demonstrating her knack for finding amusement in even the most ordinary moments.

Both Nayeon and Momo lovingly refer to the video as their “laughter button,”stating that it never fails to bring a smile to their faces.

From Nayeon’s exaggerated expressions to Momo’s understated reactions, their on-screen chemistry never fails to captivate audiences.

During a recent appearance on Inkigayo, Nayeon’s exhausted yet humorous attitude resonated with viewers, reminding them of the exhaustion that comes after a long day’s work.

Nayeon’s knack for connecting with her audience on a relatable level solidifies her position not only as a skilled idol, but also as an authentic entertainer who understands how to engage fans with her sense of humor.

For those who have yet to encounter the delight of Nayeon’s meme-worthy moments, her contagious laughter and unapologetic behavior serve as a welcome reminder of the lighthearted aspect of being a K-pop star.

As TWICE fans eagerly anticipate their next release, they can be assured that Nayeon will continue to bring joy and humor both on and off the stage.

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