K-pop Leaders Spotted Attending aespa’s Concert — And Shippers Are Wildin’

Despite facing another round of dating rumors, fans are not even complaining about EXO’s Suho and Red Velvet’s Irene.

Suho, Irene Together? K-pop Leaders Spotted Attending aespa's Concert — And Shippers Are Wildin'
Suho and Irene

Starting on June 29 and 30, aespa launched their second global tour, titled “2024 aespa Live Tour – SYNK: Parallel Line,”at the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

Over the course of the two-day concert, the quartet performed in front of a crowd of 12,000 offline spectators. The audience not only included MYs (fandom) but also a multitude of celebrities.

Among them are some of their seniors and close friends, including Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Chung Ha, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, DJ Raiden, John Park, and others.

However, the internet was sent into a frenzy when a pair of celebrities were spotted among the attendees of the concert.

The people in question were none other than Suho from EXO and Irene from Red Velvet!

Suho, Irene Together? K-pop Leaders Spotted Attending aespa's Concert — And Shippers Are Wildin'
(Photo : Suho, Irene (X))

On June 29, the SM leaders demonstrated their backing for their juniors by being present on Day 1 of the event.

On Day 1, Chanyeol was present as well. Although some anticipated that Suho and he would be seated together, the EXO leader ended up joining Irene instead.

It was also discovered on that day that the male idol had previously attended a wedding before joining the Red Velvet singer and other SM officials to watch aespa.

At the event, onlookers were amazed by the chemistry between aespa during their performance and were completely captivated by their flawless visual harmony.

After the concert, pictures of the duo spread online, and it’s clear that Suhorene shippers are still active and speculating about their true relationship.

Despite numerous speculations, Suho and Irene’s dating rumors have only grown stronger due to their frequent appearances together at concerts and events.

Despite their shared reputation for being uninterested in celebrities of the opposite sex, both leaders are surprisingly relaxed and cheerful when in each other’s company. Observing Suho’s affectionate and considerate actions towards Irene, it’s no wonder that many fans hope for a romantic relationship between the two.

Despite EXO-Ls and ReVeluvs expressing their satisfaction, some have clarified that they are simply close friends. This can be attributed to their shared experience of training together for a significant period of time at SM Entertainment, as well as being born in the same year, 1991, which naturally brought them together as friends.

The following are a few of the comments:

  • “Ugh, people who are dating wouldn’t be so openly seen together like this. If you see male & female celebrities hanging out, you can usually relax because it means that they are most likely not in a relationship.”
  • “Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden? Those two were originally close, so there’s no way they wouldn’t be close. They had a lot of overlapping activities as trainees and also attended a lot of leader events like SM.”
  • “I’ve been an Eri and ReVeluv for 10 years, but given their personalities, there’s no way they would stick together like that if they were dating. It’s nice to see it.”
  • “They are the same age, so they can be friends.”

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