Lisa’s Thanking of Solo Stans Sparks Debate Among BLINKs and Fans

On June 28, the youngest member of BLACKPINK, Lisa, released her latest digital single “ROCKSTAR.”This marks her first comeback as a soloist and her first release under her own label, LLOUD Co.

As soon as it was released, the music video for “ROCKSTAR”quickly spread across social media and online communities, gaining popularity for its music, visuals, Lisa’s captivating performance, and the unique filming location in her home country, Thailand.

Lisa expressed her gratitude by uploading a post on her official Instagram account on June 30. In the post, she shared her excitement for her upcoming comeback and mentioned that she thoroughly enjoyed the process of preparing for its release.

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The member of BLACKPINK then expressed her gratitude to the RCA Records and We Are Loud team for their role in making the comeback a reality. She also extended her appreciation to her fans, affectionately known as “Lilies.”

Lisa also expressed her hope that fans will enjoy the “ROCKSTAR”era and that additional content will be released.

“Thank you @rcarecords and @wearelloud team for making this happen. Thank you, Lilies for your love and support. It has been three years since my last song, so I hope you guys enjoy ‘ROCKSTAR’ era as much as I do.”

In the comment section of the post, fans enthusiastically responded and reciprocated the love with their kind words.

  • “Yeah! Lilies are very proud of you! Congratulations to you, amazing Lisa and LLOUD. You’re a Rockstar!”
  • “Excited for what’s next, ROCKSTAR got me hyped! Love you.”
  • “Lilies will support you forever.”

Despite this, there were still some fans who were disappointed by Lisa’s post as she only made reference to her solo fandom name “Lilies”and not BLACKPINK’s official fandom name, BLINKs. Some also felt that it would have been more fitting for BLINKs to be mentioned in her message.

  • “What about BLINKs?”
  • “Yes, Lilies, but Lilies and BLINKs have a great contribution to this work. We were hurt by this, Lisa, we love you but we weren’t ready for this.”
  • “Only Lilies? But BLINKs also supported you.”
  • “We BLINKs supported and waited patiently for your new release but I guess you didn’t even acknowledge us.”
  • “Are you thanking your own fandom, not BLINKs who have supported you for years and always defended you against bad comments?
  • “Lisa did you forget right away about BLINKs? Did you write us Lilies normal, but you could have written BLINK too it shouldn’t have been difficult.”

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