Top 10 Short Anime To Binge-Watch in a Day

Despite the need for commitment to long-running anime series such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, and Detective Conan, there are times when one simply wants to binge-watch an entire anime in a day without the need to wait for a sequel or save episodes for later. In order to cater to this desire, I have compiled a list of completed anime that can be watched in just 5 hours.

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight into the list of short anime that can be binge-watched in a single day.

Terror In Resonance

Terror in Resonance | Source: Funimation

Number of Episodes: 11

The police department remains in turmoil following a terrorist attack at a nuclear facility in Japan. Despite their efforts to capture the suspects, they were unsuccessful. However, six months later, a video was uploaded online in which the two perpetrators taunt the police to apprehend them.

otherwise, the chaos will persist throughout Tokyo. Caught in the midst of it all is a detective. Shinichiro Watanabe’s original Terror in Resonance guarantees an exciting journey.

Heike Monogatari

heike monogatari anime
Heike Monogatari | Source: IMDb

The number of episodes is 11.

Despite her ability to see the future, Biwa, a young girl, faces consequences after showing disrespect towards the Heike, the powerful Taira Clan who holds absolute authority over Japan. In the aftermath, the clan’s eldest son discovers Biwa and offers her refuge, acknowledging the injustice done to her. Biwa reveals her visions of Heike’s impending downfall, causing tension and power struggles within the clan as war becomes a looming threat.

Naoko Yamada, a former veteran of KyoAni, made her directorial debut with Heike Monogatari after joining Science Saru. This historical drama is guaranteed to captivate you with its intricately crafted storytelling.

What a racket!

anime din
Noise! ​​| Source: Netflix

Number of Episodes: 13

As scientist Szilard and his assistant Ennis search for the missing bottles of the elixir of immortality, a conflict erupts between rival mafia organizations.

Bloodshed is bound to occur when the Flying Pussyfoot, a transcontinental train, is boarded by individuals with varying ambitions. However, amidst the chaos, there are two benevolent thieves, Isaac Diana and Miria Harvent, who remain oblivious to the impending events and simply go with the flow without any concern.

7. Anohana: The Flower We Say That Day

anime style
Anohana | Source: Netflix

There are a total of 11 episodes.

On a scorching summer day, Jinta Yadomi was engrossed in playing video games when his childhood friend Menma suddenly appeared. She requested him to fulfill a long-forgotten wish, but Jinta brushed it off, knowing that Menma had passed away several years ago. However, he soon realized that she had returned as a ghost.

The childhood friends are reunited when Menma suddenly reappears. However, this time their meeting is for a special purpose – to fulfill Menma’s unfulfilled wish and allow her to find peace. Anohana is a unique and emotional show that will bring you to tears. If you have a heart, this original series is guaranteed to touch it.

6. Yuri!!! on Ice

yuri on ice anime
Yuri!!! on Ice | Source: Fandom

The number of episodes is 11.

After his defeat at the Grand Prix Finale, Yuuri Katsuki returns home to contemplate his future. Unfortunately, his love for food is making it difficult as he finds himself gaining weight and his figure skating career appears to be at an end. Unexpectedly, a video of him performing the world champion Victor’s routine gains traction, and to Yuuri’s surprise, Victor himself shows up at his doorstep, offering to be his mentor.

As a dedicated fan of Victor, Yuuri eagerly accepts the offer and rededicates himself to figure skating. However, he soon encounters obstacles. Despite being highly anticipated, the sequel movie promised by MAPPA failed to materialize, turning this award-winning sports anime into a one-season phenomenon.

5 Sonny Boy

sonny boy anime
Sonny Boy | Source: Fandom

Number of Episodes: 12

During school hours, a group of students are unexpectedly transported to a void dimension along with the school building. As chaos erupts, some students discover they have supernatural abilities while others do not. Despite the efforts of the student council to restore order, they are ultimately unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, once a particular student comprehends the rules of their unfamiliar circumstances and courageously moves forward, they begin unraveling enigmas that could potentially guide them back to their own world. Sonny Boy is a unique isekai anime that has brought a refreshing change to this sub-genre, which has been plagued by repetitive and predictable storylines.

Ping Pong the Animation

ping pong
Ping Pong the Animation | Source: Fandom

The total number of episodes is 11.

Despite their mutual love for ping-pong, Makoto and Yutaka have been best friends since childhood. While Yutaka aspires to become the top ping-pong player in the world, he often neglects to attend practice sessions. In contrast, Makoto, who has endless potential, hesitates to fully unleash his skills because he fears losing the enjoyment of playing ping-pong.

As the inter-high approaches, will these two be able to conquer the challenges? Masaaki Yuasa’s Ping Pong is a one-of-a-kind presence in the sports genre, providing a visual feast for the eyes.

Paranoia Agent

paranoia agent anime
Paranoia Agent | Source: Funimation

Number of Episodes: 13

If you are a fan of psychological suspense dramas, then Paranoia Agent is an ideal choice for your next binge-watch. Directed by Satoshi Kon, the series revolves around Shounen Bat, a mysterious attacker who has been causing chaos among the city’s residents. He is known for his swift movements on rollerblades and his use of a golden baseball bat to harm his victims.

Tsukiko Sagi, a character designer, was the first victim of Shounen Bat. Initially, the detectives in charge of the case suspected her. However, as similar incidents began occurring throughout the city, these detectives embarked on a mission to apprehend the notorious Shounen Bat.

A Journey Beyond The Universe: A Review of A Place Further Than The Universe

a place further than the universe anime
A Place Further Than the Universe | Source: Funimation

The number of episodes is 13.

Despite her adventurous spirit, Mari Tamaki has been held back from pursuing her dream of exploring the universe and beyond due to her fear of the unknown. However, her meeting with Shirase Kobuchizawa marks a turning point. With newfound determination, Mari sets her sights on Antarctica, in search of her mother.

Drawn to Mari’s unwavering determination, she decides to join the group and is soon joined by two other girls. Together, the four of them set off on an exhilarating journey to a place beyond the reaches of the universe. This unique anime offers a heartwarming and inviting experience for those who enjoy a blend of adventure and slice-of-life elements.

Odd Taxi

odd taxi anime
Odd Taxi | Source: Fandom

The number of episodes is 13.

I am unable to reveal much about the story as it may spoil your viewing experience. However, here are some details you can be aware of. The main character, Hiroshi Odokawa, is a taxi driver who goes by the name of “Walrus”. Throughout his career, he has transported a diverse range of passengers, including salarymen, CEOs, idols, and college students.

Hiroshi suddenly becomes a suspect in a missing persons case, as the last sighting of the victim was in his taxi. Despite this, the anime remains one of the most innovative and rejuvenating originals to be released in recent times.

The Final Verdict

This list of short anime includes a variety of genres and sub-genres such as Sports, Slice of Life, Drama, Action, Mystery, and Psychological. Each anime has been carefully selected to provide a different and enjoyable viewing experience every day. If you have any recommendations, please share them in the comment section below.

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