Karina’s Recent CF Sparks Comparisons to Bae Suzy and Jennie: Is She as Pretty?

In an online community, reactions were divided among K-netz after aespa Karina’s recent CF for Vita 500 ZERO was compared to those of Bae Suzy and BLACKPINK Jennie.

In April, the 4th-generation idol gained attention when Kwangdong Pharmaceutical announced Karina as the new spokesperson for Vita 500 ZERO.

The top star displayed her impressive vocal abilities by singing the CM song to the tune of the Vita 500 melody in a video on her official YouTube channel.

Afterward, her lively and vigorous appearance, which complemented her sweet voice, continued to garner attention.

On July 24, it finally caught the attention of K-netz. The vlog-like CF has now reached over 12 million views as of July 1, and has even claimed the top spot in the list of popular videos on YouTube Korea.

In the section for comments, fans were full of praise for the idol.

  • “The CM song sung by Karina continues to ring happily in my ears.”
  • “I feel energized just by watching the video.”
  • “I’m only looking for and watching her ads.”
Karina Gets Compared to Bae Suzy, Jennie Following Recent CF: 'She's Not As Pretty...'
(Photo : Karina (Instagram))

Despite receiving widespread praise, not everyone was impressed. On June 30, a netizen wrote an article criticizing her “heavy”makeup and comparing her to previous models Bae Suzy and BLACKPINK Jennie.

Their words were:

“Her makeup is so thick that I feel uncomfortable every time I see the ad.

Suzy and Jennie both have soft and innocent makeup that matches the refreshing concept of Vita 500, but why is Karina wearing stage makeup… It’s a bit disappointing.”

The post has now accumulated more than 160,000 views and over 300 recommendations, with many agreeing with the author.

Karina Gets Compared to Bae Suzy, Jennie Following Recent CF: 'She's Not As Pretty...'
(Photo : Jennie (Nate Pann))
Karina Gets Compared to Bae Suzy, Jennie Following Recent CF: 'She's Not As Pretty...'
(Photo : Suzy (Nate Pann))

Below are a few of the comments:

  • “It’s even worse when you see it in the video. I don’t think Karina should be filming a commercial.”
  • “I really hate Karina here, haha.”
  • “Anyway, Suzy looks the best. It’s a shame that her contract has expired.”
  • “Jennie, why are you so pretty?”
  • “It would be very burdensome to be next to Suzy and Jennie.”

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At the same time, Karina was defended by MYs.

  • “But I think it’s because the color of the filter is brighter than the makeup. I also saw the ad on YouTube and the color of the filter itself seems brighter.”
  • “Why are they always putting Karina down here? Who looks at the advertisements so closely? If you watch the video, she’s just so damn pretty.”

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