Red Velvet’s ‘Cosmic’ Comeback Stage Wows Global Fans: Reigning Queens of Concepts, Vocals, and Visuals

On June 24, Red Velvet’s long-awaited album “Cosmic”and its title track MV were finally released. The comeback was a perfect celebration of their 10th anniversary, showcasing their influence on the K-pop world as one of the top third-generation groups.

The comeback was met with immense joy from ReVeluvs, as the music video received numerous praises for its musicality, visuals, concept, and the exceptional talent of the group’s members.

To further promote the song, Red Velvet has been taking part in music shows.

On June 30, the five members of the group made a comeback with their song “Cosmic”on the popular music show “Inkigayo”by SBS. They wore eye-catching red outfits and once again wowed the audience with their stellar performance, showcasing their talents as Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri.

The Luvies were absolutely stunned by the stage, leading them to commend the members’ performance, charisma, costumes, the show’s camera work, and numerous other aspects. Check out their comments below:

  • “I would never shut up when Wendy dances and her vocals were so pretty and stable.”
  • “Their chemistry, stage presence, and synchronization are literally insane and no joke.”
  • “One thing that stands out about Red Velvet is their unique style in K-pop.”
  • “Everything from their outfits and the music show set to their overall vision that relates to the Red Velvet’s identity as a group. Talk about visionaries and not wanting to fit in.”
  • “They’re the queens of concepts, vocals, and visuals.”
  • “This costume suit them. They are so beautiful and this performance is so amazing. I love this song.”
  • “The camera work is great and I love it a lot! I’m super proud of the Red Velvet girls because this performance is a total slay all day kind of moment and I’m here for that!”
  • “Kudos on the camera work on this and each member was given proper focus.”
  • “All the performances were good but this one was the better one for me. All the members shine, Yeri is absolutely beautiful and confident, and their outfits are great. Everything was on point!”

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Don’t forget to check out Red Velvet’s newest album Cosmic below!

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