Kai Cenat Reacts to Being Featured on Jeopardy

Kai Cenat was amazed when he found out that he had been featured in one of the questions on the game show Jeopardy!

Kai Cenat, a popular content creator on the internet, has become a dominant force in the streaming world on Twitch. With numerous records under his belt, he currently has 11.7 million followers.

Kai first gained recognition on YouTube, but his popularity exploded on Twitch when he joined the streaming platform in 2021. Through his vlogs, subathons, and gaming streams, Kai has become more widely known, even making appearances in other forms of entertainment.

On June 28, Kai was the subject of one of the questions on an episode of the American TV game show Jeopardy!

In the 210th episode of Season 40, three contestants competed for the title and the prize money, including Cat Pisacano, a nurse from New York, Andrew Fox, a clinical psychologist from Minnesota, and Drew Basile, a graduate student from Michigan.

During the episode, host Ken Jennings inquired about a specific internet sensation, asking the contestants to identify the individual. He described the person as a successful streamer with nine million followers on Twitch, who made headlines in 2024 for signing a lucrative contract with Nike.

Drew didn’t waste any time and eagerly seized the chance to answer first. With confidence, he correctly identified the streamer in question as “Kai Cenat”.

After his appearance on the show, Kai was quickly alerted by viewers during one of his streams and promptly located the video of his feature.


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“Kai initially expressed disbelief upon hearing the news about “the biggest streamer doing it”being featured on the Jeopardy! show. He insisted that those in his chat were “lying”and proceeded to search for the episode to confirm the information.

As Drew announced his name, Kai’s mouth fell open and he immediately jumped out of his chair, exclaiming “Oh my God”multiple times. With excitement, the streamer began to jump up and down, shouting “I’m on Jeopardy!”

Despite correctly answering “Kai Cenat”and maintaining a 7-game winning streak on Jeopardy! prior to episode 210, Drew was ultimately defeated by Cat, resulting in her becoming the new defending champion.

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