The Boys fans spot James Gunn and George R.R. Martin in Season 4 – sort of

Fans of The Boys Season 4 recently noticed what appears to be James Gunn and George R.R. Martin in the background of an episode, prompting a familiar complaint.

In the fourth episode of The Boys Season 4, viewers were once again stunned by the intense events that took place. Homelander’s violent rampage at Vought labs and Starlight’s brutal attack on Firecracker during her Truthbomb show were just some of the shocking moments that occurred.

However, it also featured a brief appearance from two of the most prominent figures in popular culture (portrayed as lookalikes): James Gunn and George R.R. Martin.

During the performance of Firecracker, two individuals can be observed sitting in the crowd. One bears a strong resemblance to DC executive James Gunn, while the other resembles popular Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin. (You can view them in the footage below and also in the actual scene from specific angles.)

Did anyone spot this??? byu/pale_guy_ inTheBoys

The similarity is evident, and given Eric Kripke’s fondness for inside jokes and satirical elements, it is possible that this was an intentional choice. Alternatively, it could simply be a coincidence that they cast two men who bear a strong resemblance to Gunn and Martin and placed them in the same scene.

In a season full of pranks involving buttholes and featuring appearances by a renowned octopus voice, it would not be unexpected for this to be a hint towards the two innovative leaders. (Just to clarify, the two additional actors are not credited on IMDb, so their character identities remain a mystery.)

Unsurprisingly, this specific detail has captured the interest of fans. Consequently, they have seized the chance to revisit a long-standing complaint that has been around for ages.

“One Reddit user called out to George, urging him to stop sitting around and writing the book. Another echoed the same sentiment, imploring George to focus on finishing the book.”

Another person remarked, “He will go to great lengths to avoid writing those books.”

It is possible that Kripke will clarify any potential “cameos”in the same way he did with the outrageous butthole scene.

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