The Bear Season 3: Fans Share Major Issue with the Show

Despite The Bear Season 3 only recently premiering, certain fans are convinced that they have already pinpointed the show’s major issue.

The highly anticipated third season of Hulu’s hit show, The Bear, has finally arrived. Fans can now binge-watch all 10 episodes, as they were released together on June 26. This return has caused much excitement and anticipation among viewers.

Despite fans’ excitement about Carmy and his crew’s return to their screens, there are some who believe they have identified the central issue with Season 3: it lacks excitement.

One fan expressed disappointment on X, stating that while they love all the characters, the third season of The Bear felt lacking in plot development. The fan felt that the entire season could have been condensed into just 2 or 3 episodes. Warning: spoilers for The Bear Season 3 follow.

One viewer complained about staying up all night to watch The Bear, only to find it incredibly boring. Another commented that the current season lacks any real plot and even went as far as saying they would rather eat ice chips than continue watching.

One devoted viewer took the time to analyze all the unresolved plot points in Season 3, such as the lack of closure regarding the bear, Sydney’s failure to disclose her review, the lack of character development, and the disproportionate focus on secondary characters compared to the female lead. The list goes on.

Despite each audience member having their own complaint about specific aspects of the show, there is a widespread belief that the root cause of the season’s lack of direction can be attributed to Carmy’s relationship with his childhood crush, Claire (portrayed by guest star Molly Gordon).

From the start of Season 2, the couple’s relationship began and problems immediately arose.

Carmy’s relationship with Claire had a significant impact on his business partnership with sous-chef Sydney, causing him to lose focus on their joint venture, The Bear restaurant.

The inclusion of Claire in the series serves to humanize Carmy and provide him with a focal point beyond cooking. However, some viewers have expressed the belief that their relationship was given excessive attention in Season 3.

One fan wrote that the latest episode was the most difficult one to watch this season. They urged @TheBearFX to reduce the focus on a particular relationship, claiming that it is uninteresting and unappealing to the audience. The fan also expressed doubt that the relationship could be successful in selling to viewers.

It was pointed out by another viewer that instead of focusing on Carmy and Claire, the show should have explored a different major romantic plot.

“If I understand correctly, The Bear S3 is not doing well because they continue to push the Carmy and Claire relationship. This is a prime example of the consequences of not making Sydcarmy canon.”

You can also uncover the reason behind a troublesome decision that is ruining The Bear, as well as find out which character meets their demise in The Bear Season 3.

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