Kai Cenat’s Meeting with Lebron James Sparks Collaboration Requests from Fans

Fans are enthusiastically requesting for Lebron James to collaborate with Twitch personality Kai Cenat after the two finally crossed paths at the 2024 Olympics NBA training camp.

Over the past few years, Kai Cenat has risen to prominence on Twitch, gaining a whopping 12 million followers and repeatedly shattering subscriber records. This includes surpassing Ludwig’s record-breaking 300,000+ subscribers in February 2023.

During Kai’s most recent stream with Kevin Hart and Druski, he was left in shock when Kevin Facetimed Lebron James, as he has previously collaborated with other high-profile celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Tyla.

During the 2024 Olympics, Cenat attended the Team USA training camp where he had the opportunity to personally meet Lebron James. He shared videos and pictures of their encounter on his Instagram Stories.

Despite only having a brief conversation, the two celebrities garnered a lot of attention on social media as fans eagerly requested for them to collaborate for a live stream. This was just before the NBA star had to leave for practice.

Kai posted one of the photos on Twitter/X, with a simple caption that read “uh oh”.

“1 million viewers streaming simultaneously,”responded one user.

One person exclaimed, “Lebron James on stream? I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

“A third person commented that we will be seated for the Bronx Kai stream.”

Some fans also expressed interest in seeing Bronny, the son of Lebron James, join the stream to create the ultimate Kai Cenat stream. Prior to his future career as a player for the Lakers in 2024, Bronny was a member of FaZe Clan and frequently streamed on Twitch.

During the iconic sleepover stream, when Kevin Hart called Lebron, Kai’s viewership saw a dramatic increase to over 712,000 viewers. This further solidified the fact that fans of the Twitch star are eager for a collaboration between him and Kevin Hart.

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