Speechless Pokemon players hyped over packed Scarlet & Violet summer schedule

For Pokemon enthusiasts, this year is filled with excitement – especially with the recent release of seasonal event details. This means that fans of Tera Raids, Shiny hunting, and competitive battling will have an even busier year ahead.

The Summer Event Schedule for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been announced on the official Pokemon website. The events will take place from July 12 to September 1, making it an action-packed summer for players.

In a recent discussion, fans eagerly discussed the online schedule and eagerly anticipated their favorite parts. Despite a few criticisms, the majority of responses to the new events line-up were overwhelmingly positive.

Summer Event Schedule Announced July 12th – September 1st byu/Psycoheals inPokemonScarletViolet

The announcement of a Shiny Alolan Raichu had one Pokemon player exclaiming, “I CAN FINALLY GET A SHINY ALOLAN RAICHU!!”The enthusiasm was shared by other players, with one declaring, “we eating good with this one”and another playfully calling it a “goober.”

The reappearance of Shiny Gimmighoul, along with other Shiny ‘mons, was met with excitement from fans. One fan expressed their gratitude, stating “Thank God Shiny Gimmighoul is returning,”while another shared their enthusiasm by saying, “I am beyond hyped for all the shiny sightings.”

Despite some players feeling conflicted about the Shiny Gimmighoul’s appearance, one player expressed mixed emotions. They stated, “I have both excitement and nervousness when it comes to hunting for the shiny Gimmighoul. I’m thrilled because I missed out on it the first time around, but also anxious because the odds are still low for obtaining it in 5 star raids.”

Many players, like in most community discussions, were quick to speculate on the next date for Pokemon Presents based on this schedule.

A player speculated, “Could there be a Pokemon Presents event in September? Perhaps it will include updates on PLZA and new SV raids (potentially featuring Shiny Legends)?”

Some delved deeper into the subject, pondering if the event line-up was connected to the Legends Z-A starter theories.

Despite not being officially scheduled, it is evident that fans are eagerly anticipating the next Pokemon Presents. If you’re feeling excited, be sure to familiarize yourself with the confirmed Pokemon for Pokemon Legends Z-A and the current information about the game’s setting.

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