Apex Legends Season 22 Battle Pass Changes Explained

Respawn has recently revealed that Season 22 of Apex Legends will feature significant changes to the Battle Pass, ultimately reducing the amount of grinding required for players to complete it.

The main alteration for players is the duration of the Battle Pass, which will now be linked to splits instead of an entire season. This will result in a shorter Battle Pass with only 60 levels, instead of the usual 110. Despite this, players will still be able to advance beyond Level 60 to Level 100, thereby earning upgraded Battle Pass badges.

Each season of Apex Legends is divided into two splits, meaning that players can earn a greater number of rewards by completing both passes, regardless of which pass track they are on.

Additionally, Respawn will be increasing the rewards in each pass and introducing a new Premium+ tier at a cost of $19.99. By completing the new pass, players on the Free track will also earn an extra Epic Character Skin, Weapon Skin, Standing Emote, and 2X Season Rewards.

With the new system, Premium pass holders can expect to receive 2,400 Crafting Metals, 17 Apex Packs, and three Legends-Thematic Packs. The cost of the Premium pass will be approximately $11.

The Premium+ tier offers all the same rewards as the Premium pass, along with 10 level skins, 2,400 Crafting Metals, 20 Exotic Shards, 17 Apex Packs, two Premium+ Legendary Character Skin Variants, and the added benefit of unlocking every Legend for the duration of the Battle Pass.


Apex Season 22 Battle Pass changes.

Respawn additionally stated that they eliminated rewards from previous Battle Passes that were not often being utilized.

The main alteration to the Battle Pass involves the method of purchasing tiers. Instead of using Apex Coins to obtain cosmetic bundles, players must now use real-world currency.

In the announcement, Respawn stated that the choice to transition from AC to real-world currency was not taken lightly. However, this change enables us to reduce the cost of Premium+ for our community.

The developer is offering players the opportunity to try out the system during the initial split of Season 22. Simply drop in and finish a set of challenges within the first two weeks of the new season of content.

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