Pokemon Horizons just revealed why Paldea’s mysterious towers exist

After nearly two years since the initial launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Pokemon Horizons anime has finally unveiled the reason behind the presence of enigmatic stone towers throughout the Paldea region.

At some point, players of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet will come across one of these peculiar T-shaped towers. In terms of gameplay, these stone towers hold little significance and only serve as a reliable location for encountering Gimmighoul spawns at the top.

Despite not knowing their historical purpose before, it was finally revealed in Episode 57 of the Pokemon Horizons anime, called “A Terapagos I Had Never Known.”This scene shed light on the origins of these mysterious beings.

During their exploration of a Paldean ruin, Raifort, the history teacher of Naranja Academy, notices a watchtower in the distance and explains, “In the past, when Paldea was divided into several nations, the emperor constructed these towers to monitor the activities of neighboring countries.”

The artist and Pokemon enthusiast SoulSilverArt noticed a small yet significant detail, stating, “Despite it being years, Pokemon Horizons has finally shed light on the old ruined towers in Paldea.”

The comment may even be referring to historical events, as one person notes, “As a Spaniard, I believe they based Paldea on Spain, which makes sense because in the past, Spain was divided into five regions: Portugal, Aragón, Castilla, Navarra, and Granada.”However, a follow-up comment clarifies that Portugal should actually be the Condado of Leon.

This concept is not entirely implausible, as Pokemon has consistently used elements of reality to enhance its fictional world. A significant example of this is the fact that each main region is modeled after a real place, and Paldea draws heavy inspiration from the Iberian Peninsula.

The world’s creatures often incorporate historical elements. Pokemon such as Stonjourner and Sigilyph draw inspiration from Stonehenge and the ancient Nazca Lines, respectively, as a way to honor and pay tribute to these significant landmarks.

Despite the potential disconnect from reality, it is intriguing to witness the anime delving deeper into the lore of Paldea. For those curious about Pokemon Horizons, it may be worth discovering whether Ash Ketchum makes a cameo and the true identity of Nidothing.

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