KARD BM’s Response to Fan Request for OnlyFans Account

During a fan interaction, BM, a member of KARD, was questioned about the possibility of starting an OnlyFans account. The K-pop star’s response was filled with humor and wit.

On July 7, 2024, BM replied to a fan’s tweet about X. The fan had inquired how many likes it would require for the idol to create an OnlyFans account, stating, “I can’t continue living like this.”

KARD BM Responds To Fan Asking Him To Start An OnlyFans — Here's His Response
KARD BM Responds To Fan Asking Him To Start An OnlyFans — Here’s His Response (Photo : BM Instagram)

OnlyFans is a platform where individuals can earn money by sharing exclusive content with their fans and subscribers. While the platform allows for any type of content to be monetized, it is primarily known for its large community of adult sex workers who use it to share exclusive content.

BM’s response was that he lacks confidence in opening an OnlyFans account. His explanation? In his own words, he admitted, “I have a tendency to push boundaries too far.”

On June 27, 2024, Jay Park made headlines by creating an OnlyFans account. Two days prior, on June 25, he had revealed the launch of his OnlyFans through an Instagram post. The purpose of the account was to promote his newest single, “McNasty,”which he also uses as his username on the platform.

Jay Park’s content remains entirely free for fans, provided they have an OnlyFans account and use it to access his profile. It seems that the debut of Jay Park’s account prompted fans to request BM to create his own as well.

After viewing BM’s tweet, many individuals showed their backing for his potential launch of an OnlyFans. His mention of “pushing boundaries”in his statement only increased the curiosity of his fan base, leading to a rise in vocalization of their eagerness for BM to create an OnlyFans account.

Some fans are expressing their support for the male idol’s decision to push boundaries on the platform, stating that they would fully support him if he were to pursue this new venture. In fact, there are even some fans who have mentioned they would be willing to pay for his content on OnlyFans if he ever chose to put it behind a paywall.

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Despite this, it seems unlikely that BM will open an OnlyFans account.

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