Tower of God: Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Despite the long four-plus year wait, fans were finally able to watch the premiere of Tower of God season 2 episode 1 earlier this weekend. This marked the continuation of protagonist Baam’s story, although he took a backseat for most of the episode. This was understandable, as the series introduced fans to a plethora of new characters.

In the same manner, the first episode of Tower of God season 2 continues to show promise for the overarching story of the second season. The introduction of new characters is well-done, showcasing their unique abilities and potential for future development. Nevertheless, there are a few letdowns in the debut of the second season, one being a questionable alteration in animation and art style.

Tower of God: Season 2 Episode 1 Review – An Expansive Cast, Subtle Setups, and Baam’s Reintroduction as the Positives

Despite being vast in its world and overall story progression, the first season of Tower of God received significant criticism for its limited focus on the cast. While not overly narrow, there were some characters in Baam and his friends’ class who did not receive as much development and attention as others.

“The premiere of Tower of God season 2, episode 1, effectively addresses these concerns by introducing a fresh set of characters in a setting that is distinct from Baam’s initial group. This separation allows for a demonstration of the series’ ability to effectively handle a larger and more diverse cast, now that the groundwork has been laid in the first season. This is a positive indication for fans who eagerly anticipate the introduction of new characters in the tower throughout the season.”

From their first appearances in Tower of God season 2 episode 1, it is evident that these characters are being carefully prepared for significant developments in the future. One such example is Ja Wangnan’s ring, which is prominently featured throughout the premiere, even when not mentioned by the characters. This subtle detail holds great significance to fans as it bears the mark of Jahad, the Red Three Eyes.

Throughout the episode, other princesses of Jahad also discuss the Prince of Jahad, further highlighting the fact that the second season is already setting its sights on the future. This is reinforced in the final minutes of the episode, where Baam begins to see Ja as a friend similar to his companion Khun Aguero Agnes. It is evident that the series is emphasizing the parallel between Baam and Khun’s journey up the tower and the potential for Baam and Ja to do the same together.

When it comes to Baam, Tower of God’s second season premiere does an excellent job of reminding viewers of his character and how he has changed since losing everything to Rachel. Despite his newfound ruthlessness, there are still glimpses of his innate kindness. This is evident when Baam clarifies to Ja and the others that he doesn’t intend to defeat them, but rather to make them fail.

This also serves to emphasize that Baam’s own trauma has led him to become more aware of the potential trauma that others may experience if they attempt to climb the tower. This subtle shift in his character and behavior since the events of the first season is quite telling. The premiere of the second season also hints at the reason for this change, which appears to be Baam’s decision to join FUG and become a “Slayer”for them.

The second season’s premiere is marked by its foresight and perspective towards future events, as well as its exploration of past events. The episode will showcase the repercussions of past events and offer glimpses of what is to come. In addition, viewers can anticipate the introduction of new characters and the evolution of previously established characters during the time between seasons.

Tower of God season 2 episode 1: Loss of spirit via artstyle change and lack of focus on Baam are the biggest negatives

Baam's reintroduction may be praiseworthy, but a lack of focus on the protagonist is deemed a negative in this Tower of God season 2 episode 1 review (Image via The Answer Studios)
Baam’s reintroduction may be praiseworthy, but a lack of focus on the protagonist is deemed a negative in this Tower of God season 2 episode 1 review (Image via The Answer Studios)

Despite this, it’s understandable for fans to watch Tower of God season 2 episode 1 as a standalone and not consider Baam as the main character. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Baam does not have many lines in the episode and is overshadowed by Ja in terms of dialogue and screen time.

Despite not being a major transgression, as the time spent developing and establishing Ja as a key character for the season’s plot is well worth it, it can still be frustrating considering Baam’s role as the main character. Additionally, fans’ main interests in season 2’s storyline revolve around Baam – whether he will reunite with his friends, what he has been through during the time lapse between seasons, and other aspects. This can result in a less satisfying experience for those who are only familiar with the anime and were not aware of what to anticipate.

Despite the unanimous agreement among most fans that the second season’s premiere was a disappointment, there was one major negative that stood out: the shift in artstyle from a truly unique and distinctive style to a generic and forgettable one. The distinctive features of the first season, such as heavy lines, sketch-like sakuga, and motion-blurred movements, were noticeably absent in the events of episode 1 of Tower of God season 2. In their place, a generic and functional artstyle was used.

Despite this art style’s attempt to closely resemble the source material’s aesthetic, it does not always result in a high-quality final product. As a result, Tower of God season 2 episode 1 falls short in its effort to introduce a new art style, ultimately sacrificing much of the first season’s essence and distinctiveness. While certain moments may reflect the aesthetic of the first season, the overall revamp prevails.

Tower of God Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Final Thoughts

Despite the aforementioned, the episode remains highly promising for the second season. While the new artstyle may not live up to the previous one, it still serves its purpose for the series. Additionally, the premiere maintains an exceptionally high level of animation in this new style, indicating that the overall quality being aimed for has not faltered.

The first episode of Tower of God season 2 also deserves praise for its strong emphasis on laying the foundation for the plot and developing the characters. However, it does seem that Baam is somewhat neglected in this episode. One can only hope that future episodes will address this issue and also give attention to Ja and his team, creating a nearly flawless narrative for the rest of the season.

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