Kim Soo-hyun Fanmeeting Sparks Concerns Over Fans’ Extreme Behaviors

Kim Soo-hyun’s Asia fanmeeting tour “EYES ON YOU”took place on July 6th in Taipei, Taiwan, where he made unforgettable memories with his local fans.

At the Taiwan fanmeeting, Kim Soo-hyun donned a beige jacket and performed an OST from tvN’s “Queen of Tears”along with playing games with fans. Unfortunately, the atmosphere was dampened by the inappropriate behavior of a fan.

kim soo hyun fanmeeting
kim soo hyun fanmeeting

During the event, a fan rushed towards the stage and attempted to give the actor flowers. Surprised by the sudden action, Kim Soo-hyun quickly intervened and advised the fan against such behavior, stating that it could be dangerous. As more fans started to make their way towards the stage, the actor calmly instructed the staff to collect all the gifts and bring them to him.

This is not an isolated incident during artists’ performances. On the 7th, a fan was thrown onto the stage during TripleS’s concert and it struck a member in the face. The group had recently held their fan concert “Girls Never Stop”at Samsung Hall of Ewha Womans University in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. The concert received a warm reception from fans, as it was the first event featuring the full 24-member team.

fanmeeting kim soo hyun

During TripleS’s concert, a netizen confessed to throwing a fan onto the stage. They explained that they were influenced by others who were throwing their slogans and did not intend to hit any of the members. The netizen expressed regret for their actions and apologized to the member who was hit by the fan. They acknowledged that their behavior almost ruined the concert and wanted to take responsibility for their actions.

Furthermore, following his discharge from the military in June, BTS’s Jin organized a free hug event at his first fanmeeting. However, there were some fans who caused controversy by attempting to suddenly kiss him during the event.

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