Jung Joon-young’s Post-Prison Plans in France

A photo of Jung Joon-young with long hair and a beard taken by a witness in Lyon, France on July 8th has been widely circulated on online communities.

The person who posted the photo stated that a man had flirted with a woman at the bar and asked for her Instagram account. The man had apparently mentioned that he would be opening a Korean restaurant in Lyon and had introduced himself as a popular Korean singer named ‘Jun’.

jung joon young

Despite the inability to verify the credibility of the witness, the post gained significant attention for revealing Jung Joon-young’s recent activities. In truth, Jung Joon-young had been making preparations to launch a restaurant in Paris, France in 2018, but the plans were ultimately abandoned due to the emergence of the Burning Sun Scandal and the subsequent exposure of his controversial group chat.

In September 2020, Jung Joon-young was convicted in a second trial and sentenced to five years in prison for committing group rape against women in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do in January 2016 and Daegu in March. He was also found guilty of distributing illegal videos on 11 separate occasions through the infamous “Jung Joon-young’s Group Chat”.

jung joon young-thumbnai

Following his release from Mokpo Prison in Jeollanam-do in March of this year, Jung Joon-young, who had served a five-year sentence, has been the subject of numerous rumors on social media regarding his current whereabouts and future plans, including possible immigration and a return to music production. With the recent witness in France, it is anticipated that public backlash against him will intensify.

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