HyunA’s Side Confirms Wedding Amid Difficult Moments

On July 8, HyunA’s agency, AT AREA, addressed the rumors of her potential marriage to Yong Jun-hyung on October 11 in a statement to Newsen. According to the agency, HyunA and Yong Jun-hyung have grown close during tough times and have made a promise to marry and build a life together based on their love. This official statement was released five hours after the initial report of their marriage.

“They announced that a ceremony will be held in October with close acquaintances, marking the start of a new life for the couple. They expressed their gratitude to all those who have consistently shown warm support for HyunA and asked for blessings as she makes a significant decision as both an artist and a person.”

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Despite the scandal involving Jung Joon-young that erupted in March 2019, HyunA and Yong Jun-hyung have persevered and now their love has blossomed.

In the past, Yong Jun-hyung faced accusations of receiving secretly-recorded videos of sexual encounters from his close friend, singer Jung Joon-young, through a private chatroom. He was also alleged to have engaged in inappropriate conversations about these videos.

Initially, Yong Jun-hyung denied the allegations of receiving videos from Jung Joon-young and even suggested taking legal action. However, three days later, he changed his mind and apologized for his actions.

During that time, Yong Jun-hyung clarified through his agency that after a night of drinking with Jung Joon-young, he became aware of the illegal video filming the following day through a one-on-one chat. He then saw the video in question being shared in another one-on-one chat and engaged in inappropriate conversations about it.

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Despite continuing his activities by releasing solo albums and holding performances, public sentiment towards him remains unfavorable. Following the release of the BBC Korea documentary on June 19, which exposed the wrongdoings of individuals involved in the Burning Sun scandal, including Jung Joon-young and former Big Bang member Seungri, Yong Jun-hyung and his girlfriend HyunA have also faced intense criticism for their involvement in receiving Jung Joon Young’s secret videos.

Upon receiving this, Yong Jun-hyung shared a statement via his official account on June 12, admitting, “I was foolish and made a mistake in that moment.”He explained that he had clicked on a video sent to him privately without context or knowledge of its intention. Upon watching the video, he realized the error of his actions and acknowledged that he could have intervened and spoken out against it. However, he admits that at the time, he did not have the courage to do so and simply let it go.

Furthermore, he emphasized, “As I previously stated and reiterated, I have never participated in any group conversation where such abhorrent behavior occurred. I remain committed to deeply contemplating my past mistakes, immature behavior and language, and making a conscious effort to mature every day.”

The source for this information can be found on Nate’s website at //news.nate.com/view/20240708n20567?mid=n1008.

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