Comparison of Appearance Fees for Chinese and Korean Actresses

In a recent YouTube video, Hong Soo-ah openly discussed her appearance fees in China as an actress.

Specifically, when questioned about receiving approximately 10 times more appearance fees in China than in Korea during her time there, Hong Soo-ah confirmed, “Yes, I believe that is accurate.”

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Hong Soo
Hong Soo

After the designated hours have passed, it is time to go home, regardless of whether filming has been completed or not.

In sharing behind-the-scenes information, Hong Soo-ah revealed that sometimes when there are remaining scenes to be shot at a certain location, the team will request for additional footage. In such situations, they typically find a flexible solution and continue filming.

The actress shared, “My first experience working on a Chinese project was challenging. I was shooting a horror film during the cold winter months and my room had no hot water. I had to take advantage of the brief moments when hot water was available to wash my hair quickly. Additionally, there was no heating, so I had to rely on just one heater to stay warm while sleeping.”

Hong Soo
Hong Soo

On that day, Hong Soo-ah openly addressed inquiries regarding plastic surgery as well.

Hong Soo-ah acknowledged, “I cannot escape discussing plastic surgery. I have become known as a symbol of plastic surgery. However, my self-assured approach to discussing it makes me feel attractive.”

Hong Soo-ah chuckled, stating, “Numerous Koreans reminisce about my past appearance. When I first entered the industry, I had a one-of-a-kind and vibrant image, complete with single eyelids that set me apart. Many people long for my former appearance. Interestingly, Chinese individuals prefer my current look and have even asked me to remove my old photos.”

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