Pokemon Go Inbound: Ultra Space Timed Research Tasks & Rewards

Ultra Beasts (UBs) are currently appearing in 5-Star Raids in Pokemon Go as part of the Inbound from Ultra Space event. However, players also have the opportunity to catch them through a few thrilling Timed Research quests.

Offering both complimentary and premium options, these missions present an excellent chance to capture numerous enigmatic Pokemon and boost their strength.

To discover all the specifics of the event’s Timed Research, if you’re interested, here’s everything you should be aware of.

Free Timed Research

Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research (1/1)

Tasks Rewards
Win 2 Raids Blacephalon encounter
Win 3 Raids Encounter syntax
Win 4 Raids Guzzlord encounter
Win 5 Raids Nihilego encounter
Win 6 Raids Kartana encounter
Win 7 Raids Celesteela encounter
Win 8 Raids Xurkitree encounter
Win 9 Raids Buzzwole encounter
Win 10 Raids Pheromosa encounter

Completing this quest will give you a reward of 3x XL Candy for Buzzwole, Pheromosa, and Xurkitree.

It is important to keep in mind that completing these tasks can be achieved by winning any Raids, and because all of these UBs are guaranteed catches, using a Pinap Berry will reward you with bonus Candy. Additionally, making an Excellent Throw will increase your chances of obtaining XL Candy from the catch.

Although 1 and 3-Star Raids can be completed quickly, Guzzlord Raids can also be completed solo in Cloudy in-game weather by utilizing powerful Fairy and Fighting-type counters such as Mega Gardevoir, Xerneas, Togekiss, Lucario, Machamp, and Terrakion. Additionally, with the event’s increase in Remote Raid Pass usage limit to 20, these battles can also be done remotely.

Blacephalon, Nihilego, Kartana, and Xurkitree are all excellent Raid counters, with each boasting impressive DPS (Damage Per Second) stats. However, in the Great and Ultra League, Guzzlord is a formidable opponent.

ultra beasts coming out of an ultra wormhole in pokemon go

UBs featured in this event can’t be caught by Beast Balls.

Paid Timed Research

Inbound from Ultra Space Premium Timed Research (1/1)

Tasks Rewards
Win 2 Raids 5x Blacephalon Candy XL
Win 3 Raids 5x Stakataka Candy XL
Win 4 Raids 5x Nihilego Candy XL
Win 5 Raids 5x Guzzlord Candy XL
Win 6 Raids 5x Kartana Candy XL
Win 7 Raids 5x Celesteela Candy XL
Win 8 Raids 5x Xurkitree Candy XL
Win 9 Raids 5x Buzzwole Candy XL
Win 10 Raids 5x Pheromosa Candy XL

By completing this quest, you will receive 10x Cosmog Candy, 2024 Stardust, and 1x Star Piece as a reward.

Obtaining Candy XLs can be challenging, making the purchase of this ticket a valuable opportunity for those seeking to fully power up their Ultra Beasts.

Please be aware that this ticket can be purchased for $5 (or the corresponding amount in your local currency) from the in-game Shop.


The Inbound from Ultra Space event will continue until Saturday, July 13, 2024, at 10 AM local time. Beginning on July 8, a new Ultra Beast will be showcased in 5-Star Raids each day.

The UBs caught from the free Timed Research do not have the chance of having a special background, unlike those caught from beating Raids.

While searching for UBs, be on the lookout for Ultra Wormholes that may appear above Gyms. Additionally, utilizing the Party Play feature can greatly assist in defeating challenging Raids.

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