Konosuba Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Darkness’ Departure Explained as Kazuma Infiltrates Her Family Mansion

The airing of Konosuba season 3 episode 9 on Wednesday, June 5, 2024 finally provided an explanation to fans about Darkness’s departure from Kazuma Sato and his adventuring party, despite their recent achievements. The episode revealed that Darkness is entering into a marriage with Lord Alderp in order to pay off a debt her family owes him.

Although Kazuma and his friends attempted to persuade Darkness to give up her plan in episode 9 of Konosuba season 3, their efforts were ultimately in vain. However, there is still hope for them as they plan to speak with Lord Alderp in episode 10, which will likely be the focus of the rest of the season.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 9: Darkness’ Safety Placed in Kazuma’s Hands by Her Father

Brief Episode Recap

Konosuba season 3 episode 9 began with Kazuma, Megumin, and Aqua's rescue efforts underway (Image via Deen)
Konosuba season 3 episode 9 began with Kazuma, Megumin, and Aqua’s rescue efforts underway (Image via Deen)

The ninth episode of Konosuba’s third season opened with Kazuma, Megumin, and Aqua all loudly calling for Darkness outside the Dustiness manor. Despite their attempts to bribe the butler, they were unable to gain entry. Eventually, they were forced to leave when the guards were called, and Darkness was exposed as having been observing them the entire time as they hurried away.

Upon returning home, the trio of Kazuma and Megumin embarked on a search for a new party member. While Megumin expressed her disapproval of Kazuma’s swift abandonment of Darkness, he defended the necessity of having a tank in their party. Despite Megumin’s efforts to recruit new members at the adventurer’s guild, none were willing to join. Kazuma accused her of intentionally scaring them off, but their conversation was interrupted by Dust’s request for their assistance.

Despite the strange circumstances, Konosuba season 3 episode 9 showed him expressing concern for his friend Rin, who he noticed had been behaving differently lately. He witnessed her entering an inn with an unfamiliar man and turned to Kazuma for assistance. Kazuma agreed to help, despite feeling uneasy about the situation. Together, they eavesdropped on the conversation and discovered that the man was a noble who had developed feelings for Rin.

It's made clear early on in Konosuba season 3 episode 9 that Darkness does indeed miss her friends (Image via Deen)
It’s made clear early on in Konosuba season 3 episode 9 that Darkness does indeed miss her friends (Image via Deen)

After being asked to take a picture of her with a magic camera, Dust became so upset that he threatened to fight the man. But when they entered the room, all they found was some lingerie on the bed. Despite his initial anger, Dust ended up putting on the lingerie and asked Kazuma to take revenge photos of him instead, as a response to the noble’s advances towards Rin.

In episode 9 of Konosuba season 3, things heated up between the pair before Rin and the noble walked in on them. Despite this interruption, Rin suggested that Kazuma and the pair should have some privacy, while Dust prepared to confront the noble as the door closed. Rin commended Kazuma for his efforts, and it became clear that the noble’s true target was Dust all along.

Upon Rin’s confirmation, Dust cried out while the pair walked away. Rin also revealed some information about Darkness, explaining that she had left because she was arranged to marry Lord Alderp in the near future. Upon hearing this, Kazuma returned home to Megumin and Aqua to share the news. They all agreed to take action and assist Darkness, and Kazuma was tasked with infiltrating her mansion alone.

In Konosuba season 3 episode 9, Kazuma managed to evade two guards as he tried to locate Darkness. Later, viewers saw Darkness in her room, refusing to eat and visibly upset. It soon became evident that someone named Norris was speaking to her through the door, but it was actually Kazuma using the voice-mimicking magic that Aqua had cast on him in order to trick the mansion’s residents.

Darkness reluctantly opened the door for him, allowing him to quickly enter the room. However, her tears fell upon seeing him, and she immediately screamed that there was an intruder as soon as he removed his hand from her mouth. Fortunately, he was able to deceive the guards by imitating Darkness’ voice and fabricating a story about her actions, causing them to leave.

In Konosuba season 3 episode 9, the duo finally started talking and it was revealed that their marriage was a result of her family owing a debt to Lord Alderp. Despite putting on a facade of cheerfulness, Kazuma noticed that she was still deeply saddened. He offered to assist in paying off the debt, but Darkness immediately rejected the idea, stating that she would rather go through with the marriage.

Despite appearing to be on the verge of a romantic moment, Kazuma’s joke quickly interrupted the mood and prompted Darkness to attack him. He then proceeded to question her true feelings towards him, but the sudden commotion caught the attention of the guards. Kazuma swiftly used a spell to escape, causing Darkness to join in the pursuit for him.

In episode 9 of Konosuba season 3, Kazuma stumbled into Darkness’ father’s room by accident and asked for his assistance. However, the father had a different idea and requested Kazuma to take Darkness away and start a new life with her elsewhere. Kazuma declined, explaining the situation at hand. But the father disregarded his explanation and suggested that Kazuma elope with Darkness so he could sell the mansion to pay off their debt.

As his illness flared up, he explained that even magic couldn’t save him from the battle he was facing. He reassured Kazuma not to feel too down, as Darkness’ voice could be heard calling out to him. He asked Kazuma to take care of Darkness once again, as she opened the door to the room. Despite a brief argument about fleeing, they were unable to reach a resolution as the episode concluded with Kazuma making a less than graceful escape from the mansion.

In review

Despite not reaching the same level of quality as previous episodes this season, Konosuba season 3 episode 9 still delivers with its introduction of the likely final storyline of the third season. Additionally, the episode effectively introduces Darkness’ father and emphasizes his main concern for her well-being and happiness.

Darkness’ character is further highlighted in this situation, as her father’s words to Kazuma indirectly reveal her selflessness. This solidifies the fact that she deeply cares for her loved ones and is willing to make sacrifices for them. This trait has been previously shown, but it is emphasized even more in this instance.

In summation

The ninth episode of Konosuba season 3 sets the stage for what promises to be a comical adventure as Kazuma and his companions attempt to persuade Lord Alderp to forgive Darkness’ family’s debt and prevent her from being forced into marriage. It will also likely reveal the origin of this predicament, as Lord Alderp’s recent appearances in previous episodes have hinted at his devious tactics to achieve his goals.

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