One Piece anime resolves a key Egghead arc confusion from the manga

Over the weekend, the newest episode of the One Piece anime, based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga series, aired its latest installment in the Egghead arc. Fans were thrilled as the new episode began to reveal the upcoming events of the arc, including the presence of a traitor among the Vegapunks.

Fans were given a hint of this development towards the end of the most recent episode of the One Piece anime. During the attack on Vegapunk Pythagoras by the S-Snake Seraphim, it became apparent that their target was not only York but also that a traitor had been revealed. This is likely due to the strict hierarchy within the Seraphim, indicating that one of the Vegapunks had issued an order that could not be ignored.

Similarly, in its adaptation, the One Piece anime provided a clearer explanation of this scene by explicitly stating that the attack on Pythagoras was carried out by the S-Snake Seraphim. This effectively resolves a major source of confusion among manga readers, ultimately putting an end to the ongoing debate.

One Piece anime confirms S-Snake as the perpetrator of the Pythagoras attack

Despite speculation among manga fans, the attack on Pythagoras was not carried out by Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Gorosei, as many had believed before the One Piece anime provided clarification. This misconception was fueled by the Visual Transponder Snails, which depicted the assailant as a shapeless and unrecognizable figure in the original source material.

Fans immediately thought of Pythagoras for two main reasons. Firstly, it had already been confirmed that he was en route to Egghead Island with Admiral Kizaru and his troops. Additionally, since the abilities of the Gorosei were still a mystery at this time, fans were convinced that Pythagoras must have utilized some kind of teleportation ability to swiftly invade and escape Egghead Island undetected.

It was mentioned above that the Vegapunks were unable to override the order for S-Snake to attack everyone on Egghead Island. This was due to the fact that, at the time of the chapter’s publication, the Gorosei were the only individuals known to be above the Vegapunks in the hierarchy. Therefore, it was a logical conclusion to assume that the Vegapunks could not override each other’s orders. This conclusion was also more intuitive than considering the possibility that one Vegapunk could not override another’s command.

Despite not being a significant focus at first, the topic has become a source of disagreement among manga fans because of its potential implications for Saturn and the Gorosei’s powers. Fortunately, the One Piece anime has settled the debate by showcasing security camera footage that clearly identifies the attacker as the S-Snake Seraphim.

The shape of her head and hair in the footage, along with her apparent height based on the camera angle, strongly suggests that it was indeed S-Snake and not Saint Saturn who attacked Vegapunk Pythagoras. This, coupled with her appearance shortly afterwards, solidifies the confirmation of S-Snake’s involvement in the attack.

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