Leading Female Fifth-Generation Singer GYUBIN, Releases Her 2nd Single, “Satellite”

GYUBIN has just dropped her second single, “Satellite,”accompanied by a stunning music video.

Differing from her first single, “Really Like You” (January 2024), which focused on the excitement of first love during one’s teenage years, “Satellite” delves into the darker aspects of being a teenager, such as confusion, worry, and the need for comfort during trying times.

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“As we reach the midpoint of 2024, I find myself contemplating the rapid passage of time. Soon, I will say goodbye to my teenage years and enter the exciting new chapter of my 20s. It occurred to me that ‘I’ am the driving force behind every new step I take on life’s journey, giving me the confidence to overcome any fears.”- GYUBIN

The plot of the music video for “Satellite”is a continuation of the story from the previous video for “Really Like You.”In the “Really Like You”video, a meteor can be seen falling in the final scene. Shot in Serbia, the “Satellite”video shows GYUBIN on a quest to find the same meteor, with another version of himself acting as a guide and circling around like a satellite.

The music video takes viewers on GYUBIN‘s introspective journey through the expansive landscapes of Serbia, furthering her desire to share her growth into adulthood with her fans and showcase her more mature musical style.

When I hear this song, I am overtaken by the grand sound of the vocals and instruments. It stirs up emotions as it reminds me of countless lonely nights consumed by racing thoughts while calmly singing along to the verse. Simultaneously, the explosive hook and uplifting bridge inspire me to move forward with strength and determination.

The song is filled with mystery and evokes images of stars, satellites, and the vast night sky. Its title perfectly captures the essence of the cool summer wind, and each listener may experience different feelings while listening. – GYUBIN

Following the completion of her collaboration project trilogy, which started before GYUBIN’s official debut, this release of “Satellite”comes two months later. The trilogy includes “Special”featuring Kim Jong Wan of NELL (April 2024), “Start To Shine”with GAEKO of Dynamicduo (November 2023), and “Scribble”with Wonstein (September 2023).

With the release of every song for this project, GYUBIN has seen a steady rise in popularity, earning her the well-deserved title of “super rookie.”One of her songs, “Really Like You,” has surpassed 12 million streams on Spotify and even made its way onto the Viral 50 Spotify Chart in several countries including South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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