Leaked Warzone Changes with Black Ops 6

When Warzone and Black Ops 6 merge, there will be significant changes to the battle royale. While the inclusion of omni-movement is confirmed for both games, various other features have been leaked, providing insight into the upcoming era’s appearance and gameplay.

Despite the lack of a new map, the release of the upcoming multiplayer game will bring a plethora of new weapons to compete with the current top-performing guns. However, BR players can anticipate various adjustments to the core gameplay, according to reports.

The upcoming release of Black Ops 6 will bring several leaked changes to Warzone, which are listed below for your convenience.

Unlimited Tactical Sprint

It has been revealed by a leak from ‘BobNetworkUK’ that Warzone players will have access to unlimited Tac Sprint once Black Ops 6 is released. However, this feature will allegedly require a Perk to unlock, rather than being automatically available throughout the entire game.

The initial Verdnak era boasted a limitless Tac Sprint as a central element, but with the launch of Warzone 2.0 and MW2 (2022), this feature was subsequently eliminated. Since then, gamers have consistently petitioned the developers to enhance mobility by eliminating the stamina restriction.

There have been indications that the developers were receptive to this change after testing it in High Trip Resurgence and implementing Tac-Sprint Boots in Season 4.

If this leak proves to be accurate, it would bring them closer to achieving their goal of restoring Warzone to its former speed and fluidity.

Classic Inventory System

According to another release by ‘BobNetworkUK,’ the informant stated that Warzone will revert to its initial loot system upon the arrival of BO6 content.

Ever since Warzone 2 was released, the game has utilized a Backpack feature in order to assist players with storing their belongings. This feature enables players to keep their most valuable equipment on hand, while also providing additional storage space for ammunition and any other useful items that may come in handy during a match.

Despite criticisms of this method, which claim it can be inconvenient and disrupt the overall experience by requiring users to navigate through menus, others find the Backpack system advantageous as it allows for preparation in a variety of scenarios without significant restrictions.

Regardless, it seems that the battle royale is returning to the loot system used by Verdnask, in which all players were limited to one main inventory and would need to discard items once it reached capacity.

Wildcards Added to Loadouts

Wildcard is expected to make a return in Black Ops 6 for its multiplayer loadouts, with leaks suggesting that they will also be available in Warzone. These unique features were initially introduced in Black Ops 2 and offer numerous exciting options for creating a class.

As an illustration, we have received confirmation that Wildcards will permit players to equip eight attachments on a gun, which is an increase from the typical five. In previous editions, we have also encountered choices that enable you to select additional Perks from each category or expand the number of Equipment items accessible.

Although the complete list of Wildcards for BO6 has yet to be disclosed, it is expected that most of them will be included in the battle royale mode. However, certain Wildcards may need to be adjusted or eliminated altogether if they are not suitable for the last-team standing format.

Despite all the upcoming changes in Warzone, the developers have reassured players that content from MW3 and MW2 will still be available even after the integration of BO6. This means that players will still have access to their old weapons while also unlocking new Operators.

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