The First Descendant players discover key hidden movement mechanic

Amidst the turmoil in The First Descendant, there is a hidden movement mechanic that players have discovered that you may not be aware of.

While the Grappling Hook can certainly aid in fast movement through The First Descendant, it does not eliminate the stun effect and allow you to immediately walk away after landing from a high-up location.

The Preseason of the game has proven to be a triumph, with a strong playerbase and reaching an all-time high on Steam. Among the various features experimented with by players, they have discovered a movement mechanic that allows them to cancel the landing animation.

This method involves firing a weapon just before touching ground to prevent your Descendant from becoming disoriented or immobilized.

Probably not the first one to find out about this but he landing animation is cancellable by shooting byu/BitchWTFwe inTheFirstDescendant

“One player expressed surprise upon learning about this, saying, “I didn’t even know about this…W.”

Bunny is known for being the fastest character in the game, due to her Electric Attribute and comparable Active Skills. She is also the second Descendant that players can unlock while progressing through the campaign, making her easily accessible to most players. Another player recently remarked, “Bunny has only gotten faster.”

In addition, certain players are offering alternative methods to break free from the stun. According to one player, “Any action that triggers an animation on your character will disrupt it.”Another player added, “Alternatively, you can simply perform a double jump before landing to avoid being stunned.”

Upon observation, a player discovered that it was also feasible to interrupt the reloading process of a weapon. By allowing the loading bar to reach the final 1/5, one can swiftly end the reload by performing any action. Additionally, it is possible to continuously aim and reload simultaneously, resulting in a quicker reload time.

The First Descendant, the latest looter shooter from Nexon, offers an abundance of content that may seem overwhelming for new players. However, the support of the community makes it easier for them to navigate and enjoy the game.

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