My Hero Academia Fans Refuse to Forgive the Old Lady for Spiraling Tenko into a Cursed Fate

With the debut of My Hero Academia chapter 427, the manga series reintroduced a significant character from the past. Although their appearance was brief, their previous actions had a major impact on the progression of the story.

As many fans may recall, in the flashback to Tomura Shigaraki’s past, several individuals were seen disregarding young Tenko. In the latest chapter, the “old lady”from that group has reappeared. However, unlike other returning characters who are welcomed back with open arms, the “old lady”was met with hostility from fans.

Please note: The following article includes spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

Why Fans of My Hero Academia Refuse to Forgive the Old Lady for Tenko’s Fate

The "old lady" as seen in My Hero Academia anime (Image via BONES)
The “old lady” as seen in My Hero Academia anime (Image via BONES)

When recalling the My Hero Academia anime, viewers may recall the scene in which Shigaraki Tomura’s past is depicted. It showed a young Tenko Shimura wandering the streets aimlessly after he had murdered his entire family. Despite people’s concern for him, they chose to ignore him upon noticing the blood on his hands.

Despite the fact that he was an “old lady,”she approached Tenko to ask if he was okay. However, upon noticing the unsettling expression on his face, she quickly became frightened and departed, suggesting that he may find assistance from a hero. Despite this suggestion, it was All For One who ultimately extended a helping hand and took Tenko in as his adoptive son.

The "old lady" as seen in My Hero Academia chapter 427 (Image via Shueisha)
The “old lady” as seen in My Hero Academia chapter 427 (Image via Shueisha)

These events had led fans to believe that young Tenko Shimura could have been rescued if any of the individuals who had encountered him had offered assistance. As a result, when the “old lady”returned in chapter 427 of My Hero Academia, fans were enraged and unwilling to forgive her for disregarding Tenko.

The “old lady”returned in the latest chapter, as seen answering the question “Who was Tomura Shigaraki, really?”on a TV program.

The elderly woman disclosed:

“I can’t help but wonder…if they couldn’t have stopped him sooner.”

The manga did not disclose whether the “old lady”recognized Tomura Shigaraki when she saw him on the street, but her statement angered fans.

All For One meeting young Tenko Shimura (Image via BONES)
All For One meeting young Tenko Shimura (Image via BONES)

As revealed in the manga series, fans of My Hero Academia should keep in mind that Tenko Shimura’s destiny was orchestrated by All For One and enabled by a society that idolizes heroes and lacks empathy. While the “old lady”was pivotal, it was not due to any fault of her own, but rather AFO’s manipulation of societal norms. As evident, it was not just the “old lady”who ignored Tenko’s cry for assistance, but numerous citizens as well.

Despite this, fans were upset by the “old lady’s”interview where she insinuated that Tenko should have been stopped earlier. This angered fans as she was one of the first people who could have intervened, but instead rejected his plea and refused to assist him.

Shortly after, All For One encountered Tenko Shimura and took him in as his own child, giving him the new name Shigaraki Tomura.

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