Lee Byung-hun’s Mother’s Praise for Daughter-in-law Lee Min-jung: It’s Hard to Find Girls Like Her These Days

In the most recent episode of MBN’s “Let’s Go Go”on July 6th, actress Lee Ji-an and her mother, Lee Byung-hun’s younger sister, made an appearance.

mother lee byung hun

During this episode, host Hong Hyun-hee expressed interest in learning about the childhood of Lee Byung-hun and Lee Ji-an. Their mother then revealed, “I raised them in a strict manner. My son has talked about it extensively on various shows. He would often say, ‘If it were in this day and age, you would be in jail,’ which always resulted in laughter.”

mother lee byung hun

Furthermore, Lee Byung-hun’s mother expressed admiration for her daughter-in-law Lee Min-jung, describing her as “impeccable.”She went on to say that it is rare to find women who treat their husbands with such kindness, and from a mother-in-law’s perspective, there is nothing better than seeing a daughter-in-law treat her son well. She added that Lee Min-jung is not only wise, but also skilled in raising children. Lee Byung-hun’s mother beamed with joy as she spoke.

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