BLACKPINK’s Jennie Stuns in 7.67 Million Won Mesh Outfit

BLACKPINK’s Jennie shared a video on her TikTok profile that quickly gained popularity with 10 million views. The caption she wrote, “the unicorns were paid actors,”added a humorous touch to the clip.

In the video, Jenny mimics singing along to a song while simulating riding a bicycle. She maintains a relaxed expression, as if feeling the breeze from a fan. The singer portrays herself as a unicorn doll, showcasing her flawless physique and fashion sense.

jennie blackpink
jennie blackpink

Jennie put together a simple yet striking ensemble consisting of a see-through cardigan, a black bustier, and denim pants. According to reports, the total cost of Jennie’s outfit is 4.4 million won for the cardigan, 2.36 million won for the bustier, and 910,000 won for the denim pants.

At present, Jennie is getting ready to release a solo album, following the establishment of her own label, OA, towards the end of last year. Additionally, she joined Zico in April for his digital single “SPOT!”

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