Oscar-winning Sports Movie with Controversial History Climbs Netflix Charts

A Sandra Bullock movie that won an Oscar has recently been added to the Netflix Top 10 list, and it has a strange history surrounding the real-life events it is based on.

When it comes to the most beloved sports movies, they are typically inspired by real individuals. The Blind Side is no different, as it was marketed as being derived from an “exceptional true story”upon its release in 2009.

At the time of its release, the movie was a huge success, bringing in $309 million and receiving two Oscar nominations. Sandra Bullock also won a Best Actress award for her role. Currently, the drama film is gaining popularity on Netflix in the US and is currently ranked at number nine on the Top 10 list.

Despite the success of The Blind Side on both the big screen and streaming platforms, it faced a major setback when its real-life subject filed a lawsuit years after its release.

The Blind Side depicts the journey of Michael Oher, a gifted and Super Bowl-winning athlete in the NFL. The film portrays his difficult upbringing and financial struggles, until he is taken in and welcomed into the affluent Tuohy family.

Despite its depiction as a typical underdog story, the real-life events surrounding Oher took a different turn in August 2023 when he filed a lawsuit against the Tuohy family. He claimed that they had never officially adopted him and had instead placed him under a conservatorship, which allowed them to profit greatly from the movie based on his life.

Oher initiated the lawsuit with the intention of terminating the conservatorship and gaining access to his rightful portion of the profits, in addition to seeking punitive damages.

The attorney of the Tuohy family issued a statement in response to Oher’s accusations, dismissing them as “ridiculous”. The statement also claimed that Oher had attempted to extort $15 million from the family by threatening to release negative information to the media.

Oher was vocal about feeling misrepresented in The Blind Side, stating in a 2023 interview with Jim Rome that the portrayal of his inability to read or write was the biggest issue for him.

On September 29, 2023, Oher’s conservatorship was terminated by a judge.

This legal action has undoubtedly tarnished the reputation of The Blind Side and brings into question the accuracy of films marketed as “based on true events.”To view the movie and compare it to Oher’s original story, visit Netflix today.

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