Pokemon Go 8th Anniversary Art Confirms Dynamax

Niantic has officially announced that Dynamax Pokémon will be coming to Pokemon Go, after the feature was spotted on the 8th Anniversary artwork created to celebrate the occasion.

Despite the belief among Trainers that all information had been disclosed during the 8th Anniversary event, which took place from June 28 to July 3, Niantic still had surprises in store.

“A post on the official Twitter/X page encouraged players to continue enjoying the game, stating that it was time to celebrate 8 years of catching, battling, and making new friends in Pokemon GO.”

Along with the post, there was a festive image showcasing numerous beloved Pokemon. The image also revealed several yet-to-be-released creatures, including Galar starter Pokemon and Morpeko.

Despite the presence of a massive Dynamax Wartortle, complete with its signature purple outline and stormy clouds above, it was clear that the Dynamax effect, which was first seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield, is now making its way to Pokemon Go.

In Sword and Shield, the Pokemon affected by Dynamax grew to a massive size and their strength was significantly boosted. Additionally, these Pocket Monsters gained the ability to execute extraordinary and potent attacks known as Max Moves.

Upon their impending arrival, numerous trainers eagerly expressed their admiration. One trainer exclaimed, “The designs of Gigantamax Pokémon are incredible! I am especially excited for new additions like Toxtricity!”This refers to the alternate Dynamax version of Gigantamax, which grants Pokémon their own G-Max Moves and distinctive forms.

“As everyone discussed the possibility of Dynamax and Gigantamax being introduced in GO, one player expressed concern about how it would work. Others chimed in, speculating that they would be introduced as Raids. Another player added, “I have a feeling that if Dynamax is introduced as Raids, they will only be available locally.”

The way in which Niantic will incorporate this feature into the mobile game and its release date remain uncertain since no additional information has been given. Nevertheless, its arrival is bound to bring some excitement to Pokemon Go.

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