LOCKED IN- Demon Slayer Fans Anticipate Kaigaku vs Zenitsu as the Corps Enters the Infinity Castle

The Hashira Training arc of Demon Slayer recently concluded with Muzan taking the entire Slayer Corps to the Infinity Castle. While the episode primarily centered on Gyomei and the other Hashira, Zenitsu’s transformation into a more confident and capable fighter was the standout moment.

This particular episode significantly raised Zenitsu’s standing among fans by highlighting his composed and distant demeanor, a stark contrast to his typical behavior. His surprising change has garnered widespread admiration, marking a notable progression in his character development as the series nears its end.

This article contains spoilers for Demon Slayer. Please be advised.

Demon Slayer: The Infinity Castle Arc Begins

The Demon Slayer Hashira Training arc came to an end as Muzan Kibutsuji made his way into the Ubuyashiki mansion to confront Kagaya Ubuyashiki. Despite Muzan’s taunts about Ubuyashiki’s weak and ill condition, Ubuyashiki remained composed and disclosed their familial connection and the curse that had befallen their family because of Muzan’s existence.

Despite Muzan’s lack of concern, Ubuyashiki reaffirms that the Demon Slayer Corps has maintained their determination for over 1,000 years. As Muzan readies to attack, Ubuyashiki’s wife and two of his children detonate themselves in an effort to restrain him.

The Hashira and Tanjiro arrive at the scene to take advantage of Muzan’s weakened state. Gyomei successfully destroys Muzan’s head, yet they are dismayed to find that he is able to regenerate. In a surprise move, Nakime, the Upper Moon 4, transports all members of the Corps into the Infinity Castle, setting the stage for the series’ epic finale. The episode ends with Tanjiro boldly confronting Muzan and declaring his determination to end him and stop any chance of escape, to which Muzan unhesitatingly accepts the challenge.

Fan reaction to the season finale

The final episode concluded with the entire Slayer Corps plummeting into the Infinity Castle. Despite the falling scene featuring all characters equally, it significantly boosted Zenitsu’s popularity among fans. Several viewers noted that Zenitsu’s character development, driven by his determination to defeat Kaigaku, was truly remarkable.

Despite being one of the most disliked characters throughout the series, Zenitsu is finally receiving a surge of character depth and development towards the end. This sudden change is drawing the attention of fans, who are now seeing a different side of him. The final arc is shedding light on his previously hidden cold and serious demeanor.

“Why zenitsu got the coldest entrance 😭😭😭,”one fan said.

According to another fan, the upcoming final arc will showcase Zenitsu’s character development and reveal the results of his unwavering dedication and effort. As Zenitsu has primarily served as a source of comedic relief throughout the series, this unexpected transformation will surely catch viewers off guard.

“Yall not ready for my boy Zenitsu…”another fan said.

Zenitsu as shown in the anime (Image via Ufotable)
Zenitsu as shown in the anime (Image via Ufotable)

Some viewers pointed out that in the Hashira Training arc, Zenitsu received a rare moment in the spotlight for the first time since season 1. This is due to his sudden change in demeanor, which is a stark contrast to the typical trope he has portrayed since the beginning of the series.

“All eyes are on ZENITSU and rightfully so, the bouy been coded since day one, finally tapping in 😭😭,”one fan wrote.

Kaigaku as shown in the manga (Image via Ufotable)
Kaigaku as shown in the manga (Image via Ufotable)

One fan pointed out that Zenitsu’s master’s death had a profound impact on his character. While the anime has remained faithful to the manga, there is a desire among fans for the Zenitsu vs. Kaigaku fight to be expanded with original scenes created specifically for the anime adaptation.

“Smh that letter really broke Zenitsu. I pray they extend his fight because man, MAN,”another fan wrote.

The Hashira Training arc has been announced as a movie trilogy, which will serve as the concluding arc of the Demon Slayer series.

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