One Piece: Is Ju Peter the weakest Gorosei? Explored

The Five Elders, also referred to as “Gorosei”in the original Japanese spelling, are powerful and ruthless individuals who possess a range of formidable fighting skills. They hold the highest political positions in the One Piece world, second only to the mysterious Imu-sama.

Initially, it should be noted that they all possess remarkably powerful Haki. Additionally, they have the ability to morph into monstrous beings and are able to heal from any type of harm, rendering them practically invincible. As if that wasn’t sufficient, one of the members of the Gorosei, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro, is an extremely skilled swordsman who wields the legendary Shodai Kitetsu, one of the legendary Twelve Supreme Grade Blades.

The goal of the Elders in One Piece is to serve as the ultimate antagonists in the final stages of the story, solidifying their status as formidable and formidable adversaries. Although all of the Gorosei possess considerable strength, not all of them have been depicted in the same manner. From his personal accomplishments, it can be inferred that Saint Shepherd Ju Peter is the weakest member of the group.

Please note: The following article includes significant spoilers from chapter 1119 of the One Piece manga.

Saint Ju Peter: The Black Sheep of the Gorosei in One Piece’s Power Scaling

Among the Five Elders, Ju Peter is the least impressive

Saint Topman Warcury (Image via Toei Animation)
Saint Topman Warcury (Image via Toei Animation)

To this day, Saint Ju Peter remains the only member of the Five Elders who has not achieved any notable individual accomplishment. During the chaos on Egghead Island, Saint Warcury unleashed a powerful blast of Conqueror’s Haki that affected the entire area and even overpowered Gear 5 Luffy.

Despite being subjected to Luffy’s powerful attacks, including a Haki-amped punch in Gear 5, Warcury displayed impressive resilience and remained unaffected. In fact, Luffy ended up hurting himself while trying to punch Warcury. It’s worth noting that even a weaker version of Luffy was able to injure Kaido, a notoriously tough and durable Yonko.

Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro (Image via Toei Animation)
Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro (Image via Toei Animation)

Saint Nusjuro possesses one of the most powerful weapons in the One Piece universe, which he wields with incredible skill. His strength is so great that he can effortlessly demolish Egghead’s laboratory with a single slash, without needing to rely on any special techniques. This serves as a testament to Nusjuro’s unparalleled might, as he is often compared to the legendary “Red Hair”Shanks in terms of his presence.

Nusjuro effortlessly countered a Haki-enhanced strike from Roronoa Zoro, engaging in a fierce battle with the Straw Hat crew’s first mate. Despite the efforts of Sanji, Bonney, Franky, and the Giants to delay him, Nusjuro proved to be too powerful. His remarkable speed was evident as he swiftly defeated all the Pacifista cyborgs on Egghead in a matter of seconds.

Despite the Labophase’s Frontier Dome’s strong defense system, Saint Mars effortlessly pierced through it without sustaining any damage. Additionally, his ability to shoot powerful energy beams from his mouth was enough to intimidate Jinbe, causing the former Warlord to refrain from engaging in a direct confrontation with him.

Upon encountering Saint Saturn, Luffy, Kizaru, Zoro, and Lucci were all left in shock by his ominous aura. Saturn effortlessly defeated Sanji, Bonney, and Franky, but they were saved by the unexpected arrival of Bartholomew Kuma. This caused a temporary interruption in the ongoing battles.

Despite some underwhelming moments from Warcury, Nusjuro, and the others, Ju Peter’s overall performance has been disappointing. The remaining Elders, on the other hand, have been consistently portrayed as powerful and nearly omnipotent individuals, despite some occasional challenges.

Ju Peter should do better than this

For an endgame villain, Ju Peter has been disappointing to date (Image via Toei Animation)
For an endgame villain, Ju Peter has been disappointing to date (Image via Toei Animation)

Like the other Elders, the Warrior God of Agriculture, Saint Shepherd Ju Peter has the ability to transform into a demonic beast. He specifically possesses the power to change into the Sandworm, a colossal worm-like creature with a sizable mouth. In this form, Ju Peter is able to maneuver underground, burrowing through the soil.

In addition, he is capable of creating a highly potent vacuum that can draw in all surrounding objects. However, while this transformation is undeniably formidable, it cannot match up to the strength of the Fengxi (Warcury), Bakotsu (Nusjuro), Itsumade (Mars), or even the Gyuki (Saturn).

Out of all the Gorosei, Ju Peter’s transformation is the only one not inspired by the Yokai, mythical creatures from traditional East Asian folklore. Instead, the Sandworm is modeled after the fictional creature of the same name from Frank Herbert’s Dune novels.

Undoubtedly, Ju Peter’s ability to regenerate is remarkable, as he has proven to survive even decapitation. Nevertheless, the other Gorosei also possess the same rumored immortality, rendering it insignificant in the comparison between Ju Peter and his fellow colleagues.

Ju Peter was easily countered by Luffy (Image via Shueisha)
Ju Peter was easily countered by Luffy (Image via Shueisha)

Ju Peter, unlike the other Elders, has yet to receive any notable hype. This is particularly disappointing considering his status as one of the strongest fighters in the World Government. However, his performance has been lackluster thus far.

Ever since his arrival in Egghead alongside the rest of the Gorosei, Ju Peter has consistently underperformed. His ground-burrowing ability caught Luffy off guard, allowing him to ambush him. However, as soon as he resurfaced, he was swiftly counterattacked by Dorry and Brogy, who swiftly beheaded him with their weapons.

Despite Ju Peter’s attempt to tag Luffy while the latter was focused on the other Elders, he was only successful due to their distraction. After his failed attempt, Ju Peter took a moment to recover from the attack by Dorry and Brogy. Despite his efforts to capture Luffy and the Giants, the young pirate easily outsmarted and countered him.

Throughout the ensuing battle between Luffy and Warcury, Ju Peter stood by on the sidelines, observing the chaos. However, when Nusjuro’s attack caused the laboratory to split in half, Ju Peter sprang into action, utilizing his vacuum powers to suck up the falling Cipher Pol agents and Seraphim cyborgs. With a mighty exhale, he launched them towards the approaching World Government fleet.

In chapter 1119 of One Piece, Ju Peter made another attempt to attack, but was swiftly countered by Luffy who leaped onto him. Before Ju Peter could respond, Luffy delivered a powerful punch amplified by Gear 5.

Anticipating the One Piece manga to reveal Ju Peter’s fate following Luffy’s attack, it is clear that the Warrior God of Agriculture needs to improve his skills. In comparison to the other Elders, he appears to be lacking in competence.

The first appearance of the Five Elders (Image via Shueisha)
The first appearance of the Five Elders (Image via Shueisha)

Despite being younger than his four colleagues, Ju Peter’s age may suggest that he is weaker and less experienced. However, considering the Gorosei’s track record, Ju Peter is seen as the weakest member of the group. While he may be on par with Saturn, the latter has proven to be more impressive thus far.

The group’s power structure appears to favor Warcury and Nusjuro as the most dominant members of the Gorosei. In every gathering of the Elders, these two are consistently positioned at the center, while the others are typically placed on the sides.

In the initial appearance of Warcury and Nusjuro in the One Piece manga, the two characters are shown sitting together on a couch. Warcury is positioned in the center of the panel, with Nusjuro sitting to his right. Mars is standing on Warcury’s left, while Saturn and Ju Peter are depicted at opposite ends, far from the center.

The panel’s interpretation is undoubtedly debatable, however it appears to strongly suggest the varying levels of status among the Gorosei.

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