Lisa’s Struggle to Innovate Musically Despite Transition from K-pop Idol to Pop Star

Lisa’s single “ROCKSTAR”was dropped at 9 a.m. on June 28th (KST). The female idol collaborated with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and producer Sam Homaee in writing and composing the song.

The music video for “ROCKSTAR” was filmed in Yaowarat Road, a popular tourist destination in Bangkok, Thailand, and received a positive reception. Many viewers praised Lisa for effectively incorporating her Thai identity and showcasing the culture of her home country, Thailand.

Lisa MV rockstar

Lisa’s bold styling also caught the attention of many. In the album cover and concept photos for “ROCKSTAR”, the youngest member of BLACKPINK debuted a new wolf cut hairstyle and incorporated unique props such as goggles, chains, and tooth gem. Fans and the general public alike praised Lisa’s bold and edgy look, with comments such as, “This is a completely new image for her. She exudes the same aura as pop stars like Rihanna. I can’t wait for the song to be released,””Lisa has transcended being an idol and has become a true pop star,””It’s not just K-pop, Lisa is showing us her own version of pop,”and “At first, I was taken aback, but

Kim Do-heon, a critic of pop music, praised Lisa for breaking the mold of a typical K-pop idol and embracing her own musical style, solidifying her identity as an artist. As a result, she has earned the reputation of a true pop star.

In line with the trend, Lisa also unveiled both sped up and slowed down renditions of her song “ROCKSTAR”. As a result, the track gained rapid popularity on platforms like TikTok, particularly the sped up version, and gained traction as a global phenomenon. According to critic Kim Do-heon, this was a strategic move by Lisa to facilitate the use of her song in remixes by DJs at clubs and parties.

lisa rockstar

The critic expressed high hopes for Lisa’s future collaborations with other pop stars, stating that previous collaborations between K-pop artists and pop stars often lacked music that truly reflected the artists’ identities beyond their fame. However, with this new album, Lisa has successfully established her own unique identity as an artist, which could expand her opportunities for future collaborations. By combining her musical identity with her status as a solo Asian female star, collaborations with Lisa are now possible simply because she is Lisa.

Despite receiving positive reviews, there were some individuals who expressed skepticism about Lisa’s musicality by noting that “ROCKSTAR”bore similarities to her previous chart-topper “MONEY”.


Similarly to the previous song “MONEY”, “ROCKSTAR”falls under the same genre. The two tracks share a similar BPM, bass rhythm at the start, and rap structure. Additionally, the bass line in “ROCKSTAR”is made up of a distorted 808 bass layered with a low-frequency synth wave, similar to that of “MONEY”. Furthermore, both songs also feature a single note bass melody.

Several individuals noted that Lisa’s past work continues to have a strong influence on her, as it gained popularity through her involvement in writing lyrics and composing songs. As a result, she has achieved a similar outcome once again.

“Lisa’s debut single, “ROCKSTAR,”released under her personal label following her departure from YG, holds great significance. It represents her determination to break away from the ‘K-pop artist’ label and establish herself as a ‘pop star’ or ‘artist,’ evident in her styling and music video. The song has received positive reviews, solidifying Lisa’s presence in the industry. However, there are some who feel that she could have taken more risks and experimented with her music, as seen in other areas of her career.”

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