Navi Opens Up About Her Close Friendship with EXID’s Solji

Episode 664 of KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs” , which aired on June 29th, showcased 10 teams, with the final team being EXID’s Solji and Navi. As they took the stage, they held hands, prompting the production staff to comment on their unique bond. In response, Solji confidently declared, “Others may be pretending, but our friendship is genuine,” emphasizing the authenticity of their relationship.

During a later interview, Navi revealed, “Solji and I have been friends for a decade. We initially met while working at a broadcasting station and quickly became close due to her easygoing nature. Our personalities complement each other perfectly and I feel incredibly at ease with her, to the point where I have unknowingly shared my innermost feelings and even shed tears.”Navi then went on to explain how their friendship had formed.

Solji EXID

“She expressed her happiness in being able to practice together as friends who share a strong connection and understand each other’s stories and emotions, and stand on stage together.”

After delivering a flawless performance of Lee Seung-chul’s “Fate,”they joined the panelists.

During a recent stage preparation, MC Shin Dong-yeop jokingly remarked that the staff had said Navi and Solji looked like real sisters. Navi, who had been treating Solji as her own sister during the preparations, shyly asked if there were any rumors about it.

Solji recounted the events, stating, “Navi unnie instructed me to do ad-libs and I promptly recorded them and sent them to her. She also requested for me to do harmonization, so I immediately recorded it and sent it to her.”Navi remarked, “Solji is very attentive to my instructions.”

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