Rumors of a new boy group from YG Entertainment spark excitement among fans.

Speculation about a new boy group from YG Entertainment has been ongoing since 2023, and the anticipation only grows. Dedicated fans have been gathering outside the YG Entertainment building, where they have caught glimpses of a group of young trainees, further adding to the excitement and speculation.

yg trainee

A Chinese fan has recently shared a video that has added to the excitement surrounding YG’s upcoming boy group. The footage, which was filmed during a trip to South Korea in 2023, showcases a group of young teenagers who are believed to be potential members of the highly anticipated group. This is not the first time these boys have been seen by fans, as several sightings have led to speculations that the new group will have a minimum of seven members.

yg trainee

On June 28, 2024, a new video surfaced online, marking the latest development in the ongoing saga. Captured from a distance, the footage captures a staff member escorting a group of trainees out of the YG Entertainment building. Despite uncertainty about their identity, fans are convinced that these individuals are the future talents of YG.

yg trainee

Despite only being sighted in videos, fans have made numerous observations and speculations about the trainees. Based on these, they have estimated their age to be around elementary or middle school, emphasizing their youthful potential for long-term growth. With BABYMONSTER, YG’s latest girl group, having just debuted, fans predict that the new boy group may not make their debut for a few more years. Nevertheless, the excitement surrounding these young talents remains high as fans eagerly await their future.

Included below are a selection of fan threads and comments:

  • “They feel really young. Each is taller than the next. But BAEMON just debuted, so it’ll probably be a few years later.”
  • “Feels like there’s quite a few foreigners.”
  • “They’ll debut in a few years and this video will resurface again.”
  • “F*cking handsome.”
  • “Am I getting old now too…”
  • “Elementary school kids.”

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