List of Main Scenario Quests in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Dawntrail is the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, featuring 100 new main scenario quests. This expansion offers an abundance of storytelling to experience. Below is a complete list of every quest in the main story questline.

The release of the Dawntrail expansion has made a strong impact for Final Fantasy XIV. With the addition of six fresh zones, two new classes, and ten extra levels, there is an abundance of new content to explore. The most significant feature of Dawntrail is the new main scenario questline, which follows the adventures of the Warrior of Light and their companions as they journey to Tural.

Are you hoping to delve deeper into the story? Don’t worry, we have you covered with a comprehensive list of all the main scenario quests in Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail.

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail: All Main Scenario Quests

The listing below includes insignificant spoilers in the form of quest titles.

Levels 90-91

Main Quest Chain

  • A New World To Explore
  • The Nation of Tulliyollal
  • A City of Stairs
  • A Saga in Stone
  • The Rite of Succession

Kozama’uka Quest Chain

  • Coza’a Tree Planting
  • A Festive People
  • The Feat of Reeds
  • A Well-mannered Shipwright
  • The Lifting of Wings
  • Knowing the Hanuhanu

Urqopacha – Quest Chain

  • To Urqpopacha
  • Traders of Happiness
  • The Feat of Gold
  • Mablu’s Dream
  • A Premium Deal
  • Wuk Lamat in the Saddle
  • Knowing the Pelupelu

Main Quest Chain Continued

  • The Success of Others
  • For All Turali

Levels 92-93

  • A Leaking Workpot
  • Lending a Halphand
  • The Feat of Pots
  • A Father First
  • The Shape of Peace
  • Lost Promise
  • A Brother’s Duty
  • Feeding the River
  • Sibling Rescue
  • History’s Keepers
  • The Feat of Proof
  • The High Luminary
  • An Echo of Madness
  • Pointing the Way
  • The Skyruin
  • The Feat of Ice
  • The Promise of Peace

Levels 94-95

  • The Leap to Yak T’el
  • Village of the Hunt
  • A History of Violence
  • The Feat of Repast
  • A Father’s Grief
  • Taking a Stand
  • Into the Traverse
  • City of Silence
  • Blessed Siblings
  • Scale of Trust
  • Mamook Speaks
  • The Feat of Brotherhood
  • Road to the Golden City
  • Dawn of a New Tomorrow
  • Ever Greater, Ever Brighter
  • The Long Road to Xak Tural
  • Saddled Up
  • Braced for Trouble
  • Blowing Smoke
  • Law of the Land
  • On Track

Levels 96-97

  • One with Nature
  • And the Land Would Tremble
  • No Time for Tears
  • Pick up the Pieces
  • Together as One
  • In Yyasulani’s Shadow
  • Putting Plans into Locomotion
  • A Hot Commodity
  • All Aboard
  • The Land of Levin
  • A Royal Welcome
  • On The Cloud
  • Gone and Forgotten
  • Embracing Oblivion
  • Solution Nine
  • The Queen’s Tour

Levels Ninety-Eight and Ninety-Nine

  • Her People, Her Family
  • Scales of Blue
  • Gives You Teeth
  • Little Footfalls
  • Drowned Vestiges
  • Memories of a Knight
  • At a Crossroads
  • The Protector and the Destroyer
  • A Comforting Hand
  • Unto the Summit
  • The Resilient Son
  • A New Family
  • In Pursuit of Sphene
  • Through the Gate of Gold
  • Those Who Live Forever
  • In Serenity and Sorrow
  • The Land of Dreams
  • A Knight of Alexandria

Level 100

  • The Sanctuary of the Strong
  • The Taste of Family
  • Leafing through the Past
  • An Explorer’s Delight
  • In Search of Discovery
  • A Journey Never-ending
  • Dawntrail

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