Restaurant Employee Shares His Tactics for Dealing with Rude Customers

A server at a restaurant recently shared on TikTok his tactic for dealing with customers who display “bad behavior”, such as not waiting and seating themselves.

Frequently sharing his experiences as a server at a Texas restaurant, Dylan Carlino, known as ‘dylanpcarlino’ on the social media platform, keeps his followers updated.

One of the most notable things that Dylan mentioned was that his “favorite part”of his job is “punishing people”for breaking the restaurant’s rules and disregarding its policies. This includes actions such as not waiting to be seated or bringing in outside drinks.

Dylan made use of the offered “chance for payback”and shared some of his methods for using these situations as a teaching moment for customers.


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When patrons arrive and take a seat in Dylan’s section without interacting with anyone, the server mentioned that he will simply allow them to remain there for 20 minutes to determine which tables are open.

Dylan chooses not to go take their order and instead waits for these customers to catch his attention and mention that they have not been served. He then responds, “You haven’t been helped? There are dirty plates? I’m sorry, have you already finished your meal?”

Dylan will inquire with the guests if the plates do not belong to them, causing them to confront whether they had chosen their own seats, thus acknowledging their disregard for the restaurant’s rules.

Their vengeful server then reportedly informs them, “That’s not how restaurants operate. Please stand up, we need to speak with the hostess as there is a 30-minute wait.”


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Another instance of demonstrating the consequences of one’s actions was when the customers, who were craving pancakes, were informed that the restaurant had run out of batter and breakfast service had ended six minutes prior, after bringing in their own coffees to the establishment.

Despite some commenters on Dylan’s TikToks being upset that he still expects a tip after “punishing”customers, he made it clear that the expectation of receiving a gratuity was already eliminated once the restaurant rules were disregarded.

“Dylan expressed that he did not need the 15% tip or the six dollars and would rather have the opportunity to seek revenge, which he deemed to be more valuable than money.”

Dylan may hold the job title of “server,”but he has taken it upon himself to fulfill the roles of “judge, jury, executioner”at his restaurant.

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