M. Night Shyamalan credits Taylor Swift as inspiration for upcoming horror movie

M. Night Shyamalan acknowledged Taylor Swift as a major influence for his upcoming horror film, Trap.

M. Night Shyamalan’s dedication to shocking plot twists and unique ideas has made him the director of choice for many of the greatest horror movies in history.

His latest release, Trap, exemplifies these concepts as it follows the story of a father who brings his daughter to a well-known pop concert, only to uncover that it is actually a law enforcement scheme to apprehend a notorious murderer.

The premise of the movie Trap, as explained by the director in an interview with Empire Magazine, draws inspiration from real-life occurrences and a concert by a renowned singer. The director’s original idea was centered around the concept of “The Silence Of The Lambs”taking place at a Taylor Swift concert.

In 2023, Swift’s Eras Tour became the highest grossing concert of the year, generating over $1 billion. The three-and-a-half-hour performance featured songs from all 11 of her studio albums and remained one of the most sought-after concert experiences in 2024.

Shyamalan didn’t only draw inspiration from Swift, but also from a similar event that occurred in the 1980s.

In 1985, the U.S. Marshals Service and the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. collaborated in a joint sting known as Operation Flagship.

The arrangement was utilized to entice identified criminals to the Washington Convention Center, offering them two complimentary tickets to the Washington Redskins’ home game against the Cincinnati Bengals and the opportunity to potentially win tickets to Super Bowl XX.

As a result of this plan, more than 101 fugitives were apprehended, earning Operation Flagship the reputation of being the most extensive and effective mass arrest carried out by U.S. law enforcement.

“Shyamalan described the scene as comical, stating that the police officers entered the room dancing and dressed as cheerleaders and mascots. Despite the absurdity, all of the suspects were ultimately apprehended, making for a twisted and amusing situation.”

The director emphasized the significance of originality as the result of the combination of various influences, resulting in a one-of-a-kind film.

Shyamalan expressed his desire for the industry to shift towards creating more original storytelling, believing it would be well-received by audiences. While he understands the appeal of relying on established intellectual property, he emphasizes the importance of offering audiences something new and unique when they go to the movies. He remains determined to advocate for this change in the industry.

Don’t miss the theatrical release of Trap on August 9. And while you wait, be sure to browse through all the exciting new movies hitting theaters this month and the movies coming to streaming platforms in July.

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