Pokemon Go Celesteela Raid Guide: Weaknesses & Best Counters

Celesteela will be making a comeback in Pokemon Go, providing trainers with the opportunity to capture this formidable Ultra Beast by defeating it. Here are a few recommended counters to exploit its vulnerabilities.

The Inbound from Ultra Space event in July 2024 will mark the return of Ultra Beast Celesteela, as it will be featured in 5-Star Raids starting on July 10. Players will have the opportunity to battle and capture this powerful creature during this event.

In 5-Star Raids, trainers in the Northern Hemisphere can encounter and battle against Kartana, whereas those in the Southern Hemisphere can face off against Celesteela.

Currently, our attention is on the Flying/Steel-type Ultra Beast Celesteela, with a separate guide available for defeating Kartana. Read on for information on its vulnerabilities and strategies for triumphing over this formidable opponent in a 5-Star Raid Battle.

Celesteela in Pokemon Go Raids

Celesteela: Weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Celesteela, a Flying/Steel-type Pokemon, has a vulnerability to Electric and Fire-type attacks. Both of these types will have an equal impact, so feel free to use whichever one you prefer.

It is important to be mindful of Celesteela’s numerous resistances, including Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ground, Normal, Poison, Psychic, and Steel-type attacks. Whenever possible, it is best to avoid utilizing attacks of these types.

Celesteela: Tips for Battling in Pokemon Go

These are a few of the top counters to utilize against Celesteela in Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Sprite Best Moveset
Mega Charizard (X or Y) Fire Spin & Blast Burn
Mega Manectric Thunder Fang & Wild Charge
Zekrom Charge Beam & Wild Charge
Xurkitree Spark & Discharge
Reshiram Fire Fang & Fusion Flare
Shadow Electivire Thunder Shock & Wild Charge
Shadow Raikou Spark & Wild Charge
Thundurus (Therian Forme) Volt Switch & Wildbolt Storm
Mega Blaziken Fire Spin & Blast Burn
Shadow Ho-Oh Incinerate & Sacred Fire

Keep in mind that Celesteela may potentially have the Ground-type Charged Move Bulldoze at its disposal, which can be highly effective against Electric-type and Fire-type Pokemon.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this, but it is important to keep in mind, as it could significantly increase the difficulty of this battle.

Celesteela’s Shiny Form in Pokemon Go

Shiny Celesteela can also be encountered in Pokemon Go.

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