Marvel Rivals: A Guide to Star Lord’s Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, and More

Despite his basic equipment, players are quickly discovering that Star Lord is a top-performing flanker in the game. His kit is highly mobile, allowing him to constantly disrupt the enemy’s backline.

Star Lord’s Weapons in Marvel Rivals

Star Lord’s preferred weapon is the uncomplicated Element Guns, known for its rapid rate of fire and quick reload time.


Elemental Guns

  • Shoot enemies with dual Element Guns

Star Lord’s Abilities in Marvel Rivals

Star Lord’s abilities revolve around constantly harassing the enemy’s backline, causing them to eventually make a crucial error.

In order to attain that objective, his kit is equipped with various movement abilities that allow you to infiltrate the enemy backline, eliminate a foe (or simply remove them from a team battle), and swiftly extract yourself.


Rocket propulsion is the act of propelling or driving a rocket forward.

  • Boost and soar forward

Barrage of Blasters

  • Fire a frenzy of shots, causing damage to enemies within range

There is a significant change happening in the stars, known as the Stellar Shift.

  • Dodge in the direction of movement and swiftly reload


The title of “Galactic Legend”remains unchanged.

  • Engage in free-flight and lock onto enemies in sight
Star Lord in Marvel Rivals using his ultimate

Star Lord can pester the enemy into making a mistake using a range of abilities.

Tips to Play as Star-Lord in Marvel Rivals

Despite the fact that Star Lord’s kit is much more basic compared to the extensive ability list of other Duelists like Scarlet Witch and Hela, it is still relatively simple to learn and play. However, mastering Star Lord may prove to be a challenging task.

Star Lord’s strength lies in flanking, so it is important to constantly position yourself behind enemy lines in search of your next target. His abilities are perfect for singling out vulnerable healers on the opposing team, eliminating them swiftly, and making a swift escape.

Moreover, he excels in difficult situations, effortlessly maneuvering out of team fights or dives.

One of the most powerful weapons in the game is Element Guns, which is the primary weapon of choice. With precise aim at the enemy’s head, it has the ability to take down a 300 HP target in just one clip.

The Galactic Legend, his ultimate ability, essentially grants an aim bot while airborne. It is most effective to utilize this power during a major team fight, as it serves as an excellent engagement ultimate that can eliminate multiple enemies or create significant distance.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that Star Lord possesses a high APM, indicating a challenging skill ceiling. To succeed, you must have precise aim while constantly navigating the battlefield. Once mastered, he is considered one of the top Duelists in the game.

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