Best Meta Decks for Disney Lorcana: Top 4 Decks for Competitive Play

Disney Lorcana is an excellent TCG for beginners and can also be enjoyed as a casual game. However, if you’re seeking a more competitive experience, we have you covered with the top four meta decks in the Lorcana scene.

The TCG game has quickly gained popularity and has been rapidly gaining momentum. This is partly due to its frequent releases, as well as the nostalgic appeal of incorporating a wide range of beloved intellectual properties.

Many players prioritize Disney Lorcana’s tight gameplay and unique mechanics. While most players begin their Lorcana experience with a starter deck, those looking to keep up with the competition must create their own deck.

This guide will provide an overview of the top four meta decks utilized in competitive Lorcana, allowing you to determine which decks to strive for. Each of the best meta decks in Disney Lorcana will be listed in full, along with information on their gameplay.

Disney Lorcana Meta Decks for Emerald/Steel Discard Strategy

The formidable Emerald/Steel Discard deck is widely regarded as the most dominant meta deck in the current state of the game by numerous skilled players of Disney Lorcana. It has proven its strength by achieving high ranks in multiple unofficial competitions and ultimately claiming victory at the Disney Lorcana Challenge (DLC) held in Chicago.

Disney Lorcana Best Meta Decks Emerald Steel Discard

The deck in our possession belongs to Brian Courtade, also known as ‘Th3RaT’ in the community, who won the DLC Chicago tournament. Playing against this deck can be quite challenging due to its main card, Bucky – Squirrel Squeak Tutor, which can be quite overwhelming.

Playing a Floodborn character triggers Bucky’s ability to force your opponent to discard, and his Ward makes him a difficult target to eliminate. This is why the deck includes a high number of Bucky cards. Additionally, Diablo – Devoted Herald serves as an excellent draw engine, even if they are only present for a short time. These cards also activate Bucky’s discard effect, putting pressure on opponents to find a solution.

By using Aladdin – Brave Rescuer, you can disrupt opponents who heavily rely on items, while Robin Hood – Champion of Sherwood assists in eliminating threats and accumulating Lore. Each time either of these cards is played, your opponent will lose valuable resources while you gain them, making them rely more on chance.

Flynn Rider, who is his own biggest fan, can close out a game and earn four Lore if your opponent’s hand is empty, which is often the case. To further increase your chances, you can include tech options such as Ursula – Deceiver to view your opponent’s hand and eliminate any dangerous Songs they may have. Additionally, Hidden Cove – Tranquil Haven can protect your weaker cards from being targeted by various removal methods.

Despite the near-automatic synergy of many pieces, there is still a need to understand how to play against different opponents. However, in our experience, few decks are as effective as this Disney Lorcana meta deck when it comes to securing a win.

Disney Lorcana Meta Decks: Ruby/Amethyst Bounce Control

Ever since the debut of Disney Lorcana, Ruby/Amethyst Bounce Control has been a constant presence and has continuously evolved through each version of the game. It has consistently secured a spot in the top eight of major DLCs and even emerged victorious at DLC Bochum.

Disney Lorcana Best Meta Decks Ruby Amethyst Bounce Control

The decklist featured here belongs to the victorious player of the DLC Bochum event, Théotime Buchot, who faced off against another Ruby/Amethyst deck in the finals. This serves as a testament to the power of this color combination.

Similar to other Amethyst decks, the Merlin/Mim bounce package is present, providing various situational tools and the constant danger of a Fox rush. This package will assist you in the early stages of the game while you work on expanding your Inkwell.

Towards the end of the deck, there are powerful removal options such as Lady Tremaine – Imperious Ruler, Madam Medusa – The Boss, and Maui – Hero to All. What sets Buchot’s deck apart is the addition of Ji Hawkins – Space Farer.

The Queen’s Castle Location card has become an essential component of the Ruby/Amethyst strategy, although it can be challenging to play with only four ink when other options such as Merlin’s Goat or Rabbit form are available. Luckily, Jim Hawkins provides the ability to play it at no cost and relocate him there. This action allows for your inkwell to be freed up, allowing for other characters to be moved there, resulting in a significant advantage in card drawing and gaining two Lore each turn.

This Disney Lorcana meta deck necessitates a level of concentration and situational awareness in order to navigate successfully. However, if you are knowledgeable and execute strategic moves, it can be difficult to defeat.

Disney Lorcana: A Look at the Top Ruby/Sapphire Control Meta Decks

Despite our previous statement about the top Lorcana players viewing Emerald/Steel Discard as the strongest competitive deck, there are others who believe that Ruby/Sapphire Control holds that title.

Disney Lorcana Best Meta Decks Ruby Sapphire Ramp Control

It is recommended to aggressively mulligan in order to acquire low-cost items and utilize the various ramp tools available. This deck often results in having no characters on the board until the fourth turn. However, depending on your luck, you may have accumulated 7 or more ink by that time.

Pawpsicle is a useful replacement item in the early stages, while Iceblock can weaken opponents for targeted removal strategies. Both provide resources for Hiram Flaversham – Toymaker, who has the ability to banish items upon being played, and for Questing, which enables you to draw two cards. Ideally, the cards drawn will include powerful Songs such as One Jump Ahead and How Far I’ll Go, which can greatly enhance your Inkwell.

Having an abundance of Ink at your disposal, you have access to Ruby’s extensive selection of effective removal tactics such as the well-known Be Prepared or Sisu – Empowered Sibling, which can completely wipe out your opponent’s board. In the late game, if you are able to flood your own board with inexpensive items, Tamatoa – So Shiny becomes a valuable source of Lore, especially when combined with Lucky Dime.

If you enjoy the strategy of building up your opponent’s confidence and then quickly winning the game in just a few turns, the Disney Lorcana meta deck is the perfect choice for you.

Disney Lorcana Meta Decks: Sapphire/Steel Item Ramp

The Sapphire/Steel Item ramp is highly comparable to our previous deck, with a slightly slower early game but the ability to produce 10 Lore per turn. It is frequently featured in the top ranks of organised play events, although it has yet to claim the top spot.

Disney Lorcana Best Meta Decks Sapphire Steel Item Control

The approach closely resembles that of Ruby/Sapphire Control, utilizing Hiram’s draw engine through the use of Pawpsicle and Fortisphere. The deck also features the same ramp cards, such as One Jump Ahead, How Far I’ll Go, and Fishbone Quill. Additionally, Tamatoa can serve as a potential finisher with the help of Lucky Dime.

This deck stands out with its wider array of Characters. Including characters such as Robin Hood – Champion of Sherwood early on gives you the advantage of being able to hinder aggro decks with advantageous Challenges. Additionally, Cogsworth – Grandfather Clock provides added protection for your crucial components.

Instead of completely removing Ruby, Steel’s direct damage can serve a similar purpose. The combination of Tinkerbell and Giant Fairy’s Grab Your Sword is essentially a version of Be Prepared. Along Came Zeus and Rise of the Titans provide useful options for countering the resurgence of certain Locations.

As another game-ending strategy, Belle is introduced as the Strange But Special character who will complete a quest for five Lore as long as you have 10 or more ink (which you will most likely have). Combining her with Lucky Dime will result in a game over.

Disney Lorcana Set 3 Stitch Secret Agent

Disney Lorcana’s Top 4 meta decks, also referred to as the Big Four, are well-known among players. However, each individual player may have their own unique variations and tech options based on their local meta. In addition, we have witnessed surprise victories from lesser-known off-meta decks in major tournaments.

Despite this, they remain an excellent starting point when creating content for competitive gaming.

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