Upcoming FFXIV Dawntrail Arcadion Raids: Release Window, Preparation, and What to Expect

The Arcadion, set to be released in Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion, is a highly anticipated new raid series. We currently have information about its release timeframe, what players can expect, and tips for preparing for its challenging Savage mode.

Recently, the highly anticipated expansion of Dawntrail was launched for Final Fantasy XIV. Like previous updates, this expansion includes a new raid known as the Arcadion. This raid offers a thrilling series of battles for up to eight players, complete with a captivating story and a challenging Savage difficulty that rewards players with top-tier loot.

Curious to learn more about the upcoming raid? We have all the information you need.

FFXIV Arcadion release window

A specific release date for the Arcadion itself has not yet been confirmed. However, it has been announced that the normal version of the raid will be available in Patch 7.01, followed by the release of the Savage difficulty in Patch 7.05.

The raids are expected to be released sometime between mid to late July, with the Savage difficulty becoming available shortly after the initial release.

What to Expect from FFXIV Arcadion

The raids in Final Fantasy XIV typically consist of four fights each, with a total of twelve fights released throughout an expansion. It is expected that the Arcadion will follow this pattern, with a new series being introduced in Patch 7.2 and Patch 7.4, ultimately completing the storyline.

Players can anticipate facing a boss in every battle. Typically, upon entering a raid in Final Fantasy XIV, a boss encounter begins immediately, without the need to navigate or search for the final objective.

That being said, the Arcadion is not expected to remain stagnant, as the developers are constantly seeking new ways to enhance the raiding experience.

Preparing for Savage in FFXIV Arcadion

The formidable difficulty of Arcadion is designed to test even the most skilled Final Fantasy XIV players. However, it also offers some of the most valuable loot in the expansion, making it a must for those seeking the best gear in the MMO. Be ready to face numerous challenging bosses in order to obtain these coveted rewards.

These tips and tricks will help you get started.

Understand your position in the group

Knowing your role or class is crucial before tackling any Savage difficulty content. This includes understanding your responsibilities, familiarizing yourself with your abilities, and keeping up with any changes to your traits due to the new levels introduced in Dawntrail. This preparation is essential for optimal performance in raids.

FFXIV Pictomancer job
Square Enix

The newly released Pictomancer is a great option for magical DPS lovers.

Find a static

A static is a team of Final Fantasy XIV players who join forces to form a group. It functions as a stable raiding team for a specified period of time. This is crucial because a complete group of eight members is required to initiate the raid.

While a static is not required, the Party Finder is always available for finding players to raid with. However, having a static group can provide a sense of consistency and allow for progression through the fight with familiar players who can become your friends.

Clear the Extremes

Final Fantasy XIV Valigarmanda
Square Enix

Defeating Valigarmanda on Extreme difficulty can award you with a item level 710 weapon.

The Extreme trials are currently accessible and offer valuable equipment to improve your item levels and enhance your performance in raids. Additionally, they serve as a great entry point for more challenging content in Final Fantasy XIV, making them an ideal stepping stone for Savage raids.

Know your Best in Slot

In Final Fantasy XIV, your BiS or best in slot refers to the gear pieces that will provide the most beneficial substats for your class. Since gear in this game can have different substats, some of which may not be relevant to your class, it is important to seek out alternate gear pieces with similar item levels to optimize your character’s performance.

Frequently, communities such as The Balance offer mentors and other tools to assist you in determining your best in slot gear. With this information, you can then proceed to acquire the necessary items.

Meld your gear

Melding is a crucial element of gearing in Final Fantasy XIV, involving the equipping of bonus Materia to gear pieces in order to enhance their substats. This process can be complex, making it helpful to consult resources such as the Balance to determine the most effective substats to use.

To gain access to the Melding feature, you must first finish the quest Awaken the Spirit at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan. Additionally, your crafter job must be at the same level as the item you wish to meld.

You also have the option to utilize the services of Materia Melder NPCs located in major cities, who will meld your gear for a predetermined fee.

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